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Bachelor's in Education and Youth Studies, BAE

The BA in Education and Youth Studies prepares undergraduates to support the learning and socio-emotional needs of school-age youth (ages 5-16) and their families in roles that do not require teacher licensure, such as teaching assistant, coordinator of tutoring and student support specialist. This field-based program prepares every candidate to work democratically with diverse children and families, including those with special needs and second language backgrounds. It leads to employment credentials that are recognized by schools and non-profit community organizations, and is excellent preparation for careers in counseling, human services and non-profit public administration.


Why Roosevelt for your Bachelor's

Student sitting behind a table in the classroom setting, leaning forward and looking attentive

Bring Roosevelt’s Mission of Social Justice to the Classroom

Undergraduate programs within the College of Education prepare students to transform schools and communities in the pursuit of knowledge and social justice.

A College of Education student teaching children in a classroom

Understand the Newest Teaching Techniques

Through the continuous evaluation and refinement of academic programs and courses, offerings are kept current and relevant to real-world contexts and professional standards of quality. Talent and resources from a variety of disciplines are integrated and used, as are cutting edge technologies.

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Learn From an Experienced Faculty

Experienced, dedicated and culturally diverse faculty work collaboratively with students to foster knowledge and skills with respect to diverse learners, instruction, assessment and research.

“This program is a terrific opportunity for undergraduates to learn how to support learners from age 6-15 through work in community organizations that share our passion for equity and social justice. Our curriculum is aligned with professional standards for youth education and enables students to advance into high-need jobs in youth advocacy and student support services.”

Leslie Bloom
Associate Professor and Warren Bacon Chair of Education Leadership, Roosevelt University