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The Faculty/Staff Directory provides personal contact information for individual faculty and staff members. This data is maintained in Banner. Necessary changes to faculty/staff titles should be addressed to; changes to office location or other contact information should be addressed to the clerical staff of the department in which the faculty/staff member works.

If you are looking for general contact information for an office or department, please search the Office Directory.

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Darrin Aase
Adjunct Faculty
Arts & Sciences, Psychology
Husam Abu Khadra
Associate Professor of Accounting
Business, Accounting
Fax: 312-281-3290
Office: WB 1112BB | SCH 360N
Mailstop: WB 1211
Barbara Ackles
Adjunct Faculty
Arts & Sciences, Psychology
Fax: 847-619-8555
Mailstop: SCH 600
Andrew Acosta
Adjunct Faculty
Business, Information Systems
Bibiana Adames
Clinical Assistant Professor and MA Director of Psychology
Arts & Sciences, Psychology
Fax: 312-341-6362
Office: AUD 805C
Mailstop: AUD 805
Jeff Adams
Associate Professor of Management
Business, Management
Office: WB 1112M | SCH 360R
Mailstop: WB 1211
Amusa Sarafadeen Adebayo
Associate Professor of Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacometrics
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Fax: 847-330-4525
Office: SCH 251
Mailstop: SCH 217
Moji Adeyeye
Professor of Pharmaceutics
Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Fax: 847-330-4525
Office: SCH 225
Mailstop: SCH 217
Alex Agafonov
Business Manager
Pharmacy, Dean's Office — College of Pharmacy
Fax: 847-330-4525
Office: SCH 212
Mailstop: SCH 217
Demiana Agaiby
Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University Creative Engagement Integrated
ATRU Education