The Department of Human and Community Renewal (DHCR) was established in 1989 to serve the disadvantaged adult populations of Metropolitan Chicago, primarily ex-offenders returning to the Cook County area. Our primary focus is to reduce the prison population while decreasing crime in our community. We work to interrupt the cycle of crime by improving the quality of life of former offenders through program activities designed to provide support and individualized attention during the critical reentry process.

Ongoing services offered by our program include

  • Providing reentry services to individuals released from IDOC facilities who are returning to Cook County and collar counties.
  • Referring clients needing emergency and support services to partnering community-based service providers.
  • Conducting our three-week long Personal & Career Development class, followed by ongoing mentoring and access to our computer lab while searching for employment.
  • Offering a variety of activities related to job search and employment such as job club, career & resource fairs, and mock interviewing.
  • Providing clients with job leads from a continually updated list of employers with transportation assistance to the interviews and workplace.

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