Please read the following policies before submitting your inquiry below.

External Rental Policy

  1. Roosevelt University reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse use or rental of space to any organization.  Events which do not serve to enhance the mission of Roosevelt University or do not properly represent the standards of decorum of an academic institution will not be considered.
  2. Roosevelt University facilities generally are not available for political meetings or events, religious or sectarian meetings, or any gambling related events or activities.
  3. Events may not create any hazard or undue hardship to the University and its facilities, staff or students.  Events must conform with established University regulations for use of facilities.  Such use must not be in conflict with any existing or contemplated University functions.
  4. The wording "NOT AFFILIATED WITH ROOSEVELT UNIVERSITY" must appear in all media and newsprint materials publicizing the event.  The University telephone number should not be used in any publicity information.
  5. All costs associated with an event will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.  Certificates of Insurance must be on file from all sponsors and outside vendors.
  6. Any sponsoring organization seeking to use the University facilities for an event with an admission charge or an event involving fundraising activity must be qualified as a not-for-profit, tax exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) or other sections of the Internal Revenue Code.
  7. Roosevelt University is a smoke free environment in compliance with the Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act.  No smoking is allowed in any University area.

Certificate of Insurance

Before any event can take place, Lessee group agrees to provide the University with a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance to cover the period of Lessee’s use of the subject facilities.  The certificate of insurance shall be provided as follows:

  1. Roosevelt University shall be named as additional insured on the certificate to cover each rental date.
  2. Limit of liability should not be less than $1,000,000 each occurrence for bodily injury and property damage liability.

The Lessee’s liability, for which the above insurance is to be obtained, includes:

  1. Acts or omissions by its principles, employees, representatives, or agents, as well as by those attending the function for which the facilities are leased, which result in injury or property damage.
  2. The cost of responding to, or defending, any claims or demands arising out of such acts or omissions, including attorney fees and any other resulting costs.
  3. All costs which are the proximate result of any claim of injury or damage as described above, regardless of the merits of such claims.

Interested in Summer Lodging?

If you are interested in lodging at Roosevelt University over the summer, please reach out to for all inquiries. Please provide your name, best contact phone number, the organization you are with (if applicable), the amount of persons you are requesting lodging for, and the range of dates you are requesting. Our staff team will respond to your email if we are able to accommodate your request or not.

Questions about this page?

Questions about this page?

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