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Location: Chicago, Online
Start Term: Fall

The Preclinical Psychology Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program is for students who have already completed their undergraduate education but did not take the necessary sequence of classes that graduate programs in clinical psychology and other mental health fields require for admission.  This 7-course (21 credit hour) accelerated program allows students to fulfill these prerequisites in a streamlined fashion.  Many graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology are competitive for admission, so demonstrating completion of a rigorous sequence is often necessary for advanced training and ultimately entrance into the field.  This program will also provide students with support and assistance in applying to graduate school (personalized advising, assistance with application essays).

All classes for the certificate are offered online, either in an 8- or 16-week format.  All requirements can be completed as rapidly as within one year (Fall, Spring, with the option of Summer).


 Preclinical Pyschology Certificate student, Sabina Bhasin holding a brown puppy dog.

My classes ignited my curiosity for learning and I feel like I can't get enough, especially in neuropsychology. I plan to continue learning to bring awareness, compassion, and support to first-generation South Asian Americans.

Sabina Bhasin 21
Preclinical Psychology Certificate,