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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall
Program Type: Major

The BA in Music & Computing provides general courses from both music composition and computer science including fundamental music theory, music composition techniques, form and analysis, instrumentation and orchestration, electro-acoustic music, mathematics, database systems, operating systems, software engineering, algorithmic design, and programming languages. Students will complete this degree with the Capstone Project that showcases a creative application using music and computer programming. The degree entails general studies (40 credit hours), music composition (40 credits) and computer science (41 credits). The necessary private lessons will be taught by CCPA’s Kyong Mee Choi, Stuart Folse and Daron Hagen; other music courses by the core Music Conservatory faculty; and computer science courses will be taught by CAS’s Meng Yu, Alex Wolpert, Evgeny Dantsin  and Ray Wright.

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What Differentiates Us



Including music composition in the Music & Computing curriculum ensures that students receive personal attention in their technical and creative development. Students learn to hone their musical voices with a conservatory setting while their technical skills and knowledge evolve. Opportunities exist to work with performers and to hear live performances of their compositions.



Studying Music & Computing at Roosevelt ensures the combination of the disciplines of composition and computer science in a self-designed final project supported by faculty in both areas.



Roosevelt's Music & Computing program is located in Chicago, a city that offers a vibrant culture for music, art, and the software industry.

Expectations & Requirements


This is a joint degree where students take approximately equal credit hours from each discipline (Music Composition and Computer Science), in addition to general studies.

Sample Courses

  • MTA 325 - Intro Electroacoustic Music 
  • MCMP 225 - Composition Seminar 
  • CST 311 - Analysis of Real World Networks 
  • CST 372 - Programming Languages

Admission Info

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In addition to meeting the requirements of the Roosevelt University application, supplemental items include: 

  1. Any music related work (two examples of music score or digital music demonstration - no parts are required) 
  2. Any evidence showing interest in computer programming (a written statement or examples of codes)

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