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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Type: Major, Minor

Concentrations in this major include: 

  • Regional Studies
  • Developments in the Global System
  • Race, Rights, Gender and Activism
Celeste Chamberland
,  Program Director

What Differentiates Us

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At Roosevelt, we study the international system with a focus on the pursuit and realization of social justice across national boundaries, producing graduates with fluency in contemporary debates, as well as the moral and ethical foundation to be leaders and global citizens. While most courses will require students to grapple with challenging issues in social justice, we also offer a specific track (Race, Rights, Gender and Activism) that places, at its center, the crucial role of identity and the quest for liberation.



International studies at Roosevelt University is unique because of the interactions between our dedicated faculty and diverse student body. Students from all around the world and from a diverse set of U.S. backgrounds meet in our classrooms to teach and learn from each other, guided by devoted faculty with expertise around the globe and a mission to educate socially conscious global citizens.



Downtown Chicago is an ideal location for those pursuing international studies. A growing, bustling and vibrant global city, Chicago is host to numerous international organizations, government offices, advocacy centers and think tanks, and plays host to countless international conferences. Although there is no substitute for study abroad (which we highly encourage!), students are likely to find themselves in Chicago-area field trips to events at the Chicago Cultural Center or one of the many consulates in the area. As Chicago's neighborhoods provided the beginnings for so many immigrant families, there are countless ways to experience cultural events and museums, such as the Ukrainian National Museum, the National Museum of Mexican Art, or the Polish Museum of America.

Expectations & Requirements


Students who major in international studies must complete 11 courses (33 semester hours) in the program, each with a grade of C or higher. This includes a set of five required core courses and seven electives. Students must complete 15 credits at the 300-level in the major. At least five courses in international studies must be taken at Roosevelt University.

For their electives, students must take five courses in one of the three tracks, as well as one course from each of the other two tracks. The tracks are:

  • Regional Studies
  • Developments in the Global System
  • Race, Rights, Gender, and Activism

Students are highly encouraged to supplement their major in international studies with language study (at least the 101-104 sequence of any language) and plan for a study abroad. Roosevelt offers many opportunities including semesters abroad to most regions in the world and short-term, faculty-led trips.

Additionally, we offer independent study courses that can be arranged with the faculty of your choosing to learn a topic not currently offered or to dig deeper into a question that the student finds interesting. These courses can fit as needed into the appropriate track. Students may earn credit and hands-on experience through internships with local organizations that have an international mission.

Minor Requirements

A minor in international studies is an ideal complement to many degrees, including all those in the social sciences and humanities that make up the bulk of international studies courses, but also degrees in business, education, and communication. Because the minor is interdisciplinary in nature with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, it will round out your education, could give you an edge over others without knowledge of international processes, and help prepare you with the competency to engage the world as a active global citizen.

Sample Courses

  • Africa under European Domination
  • Latin America since Independence
  • Politics of the East
  • Politics of India
  • Economics of Development
  • Political Violence and Terrorism
  • Sociology of Globalization
  • Sexuality, Gender, and International Human Rights
  • Global Race
  • Global Digital Activism


A Wide Variety of Career Options
Preparation For Advanced Study
Grad Schools Attended By Our Alumni


I cannot say enough positive things about being an international studies major at Roosevelt University. The international studies program faculty are caring and compassionate and are a source of inspiration to their students. My advisers helped me not only academically, but also offered me a lot of personal insight on what my next career steps would look like. My experience at Roosevelt prepared me for my internship with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Nigeria, as well as my plans for graduate study in public administration focusing on non-governmental organization management.

​Sonia Tsoungui 2015

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