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SHRM Academically Aligned
Location: Chicago, Schaumburg, Harper College University Center
Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Type: Accelerated Masters Option, Major

The human resource management program equips the student with an education in the fundamentals of management, professional and technical competence in the management of human resource, and the attitudes and motivational skills necessary for developing employees. The emphasis is on managerial techniques and procedures developed by experience and research for harmonizing economic objectives with individual and group needs in business organizations.

The Heller College of Business faculty offer an accelerated BS in Business Administration/Master of Business Administration (MBA) program to eligible students.  Students entering this program can earn both bachelor's and master's degrees in less time than earning these degrees separately.

Erica Poremba
,  Schaumburg Advisor

What Differentiates Us



We maintain an active Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) student chapter that allows our students to participate in on-campus events such as talks from prominent Chicago-area HR professionals, networking events, and resume and interviewing workshops.



Our HRM major is certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as being fully aligned with their curriculum guidelines, meaning it precisely matches the content identified by the HR professional community as crucial for any successful HR professional to know.

Expectations & Requirements


Students majoring in HRM in the BSBA degree program can expect the following:

  • Extensive coverage of human psychology theories in order to understand individual- and group-based human behavior in the workplace
  • Technical coverage of the latest HR techniques as they relate to acquiring, motivating and retaining human talent in an organization
  • Applied cases and projects that challenge students to think critically and solve real-world problems that will prepare them to handle future professional demands
  • To be required to analyze and interpret conclusions from basic business data to aid in decision-making

Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Wage & Salary Administration (Compensation)
  • Employment Techniques (Staffing)
  • Industrial Relations Management


Job Options
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Clubs & Activities

We maintain an active student chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) organization, the largest HR professional organization. The chapter is run by students (both undergraduate and graduate), but advised by one of our esteemed faculty members, Dr. Carolyn Wiley, ( The chapter has won several SHRM Merit Awards in recent years for its high-quality activities.


Ryan Petty

We are quite proud of our HRM major in the BSBA degree and the students and faculty who comprise it. We have such a diversity of students in the classroom, and as a result our courses have lively and stimulating discussions and interesting hands-on projects that challenge our students to think critically as professionals and they respond quite well. Our faculty are a mix of well-known HR scholars and accomplished HR professionals, and that variety prepares our students well for the future challenges they will face as they move forward in their careers. Both groups work together to explore a SHRM-certified curriculum that represents the latest knowledge in the field of HR.

Ryan Petty
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Roosevelt University

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