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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Major, Minor

This program is unique because it addresses the significant need in Chicago and across the nation for college graduates who are committed to working with youth in schools and community organizations.  Successful completion of the BA degree entitles students to a paraprofessional educator endorsement on an Illinois Educator License with Stipulations. Individuals with this license and endorsement can provide instructional support in any school that includes programs supported by Title 1, Part A funds.

Lilibeth Castillo
,  Assistant Dean, Student Support & Licensure Officer

Expectations & Requirements


  • Field experiences working with children and youth in schools and community organizations.
  • Group projects focused on providing support and guidance to children and youth.
  • Discussions about how to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Research related to compelling educational and social issues.
  • Clinical experiences working with children and youth.

Minor Requirements

The Education and Youth Studies minor provides an introduction to the field of education and youth services. It is shorter than the major, requiring only six courses instead of fourteen. The minor provides excellent preparation for graduate work in counseling, teaching or non-profit public administration.

Sample Courses

  • EDUC 202, Child Development
  • SPED 219, Survey of Exceptional Children
  • EDUC 310, Anti-Bias 7 multicultural curriculum
  • EDUC 312, Youth & Social Policy Research
  • EDUC 314, Youth Programs Leadership


Grads of this Program


This program is a terrific opportunity for undergraduates to learn how to support learners from age 5 through  16 through work in community organizations that share our passion for equity and social justice. Our curriculum is aligned with professional standards for youth education and enables students to advance into high-need jobs in youth advocacy and student support services.

Leslie Bloom
Associate Professor and Warren Bacon Chair of Education Leadership, Roosevelt University,

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