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Location: Chicago
Start Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
Program Type: Major

Diagnostic medical sonography technologists are involved in direct patient care. Sonographers work closely with physicians by providing diagnostic images and a summary of technical findings to aid in reaching a medical diagnosis. This is a non-radiation modality, and it may be used on any patient, from unborn babies to the elderly. Sonographers may work in a hospital, a clinic, a physician's office, education, sales or as an applications specialist.

Expectations & Requirements


Diagnostic medical sonography students complete a minimum of 73 semester hours of academic work, including the University Writing Requirement and the College of Arts and Sciences general education requirements, in addition to the diagnostic medical sonography concentration requirements outlined below. Students must take their final 30 hours before clinical training at Roosevelt University. They complete their last 47 semester hours in an 18-month, full-time, daytime clinical training program at Northwestern Medicine.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a certificate of program completion for diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) from the hospital and will be eligible to be certified through examination by the national certifying agency, the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Graduates of the school may also take the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation, Abdomen and OB/GYN examinations. Students will also earn a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health-Diagnostic Medical Sonography from Roosevelt University.

Sample Courses

  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • Ecology, Evolution and Genetics
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • General Chemistry I, II, III
  • College Algebra
  • Precalculus
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Physics I: Mechanics and Heat with lab


100 percent

Admission Info

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Admission into the ALH diagnostic medical sonography major at Roosevelt University follows the basic admission criteria. However, admission to clinical training is at the discretion of the clinical affiliate, Northwestern Medicine. Students are not guaranteed admission. The minimum GPA for clinical application for this program is a 2.5 GPA overall and a 2.5 GPA in the prerequisite courses.