Why Roosevelt?

Deeply Committed to Impact and Success

A classroom, campus and city where you can belong.

How will you know if you belong at Roosevelt? Our students rave about our ideal size, innovative approach to learning, inclusive campus life and personally committed faculty. An unmatched combination.

A Place for Bold Visionaries

4329 total students

With an undergraduate enrollment of 2,419 and a total enrollment of 4,329, you won’t get lost in the shuffle.  It’s easy to meet fellow students, staff and faculty.

Chicago cityscape at sunset from Buckingham fountain


We’re located in the heart of downtown Chicago. The Windy City is your campus, with more to do than you could do in a lifetime. And our Schaumburg campus gives students access to a suburban economic hotbed.

Why This Matters

You’ll find yourself, in the company of new friends and ideas.  Or, lose yourself, in the wonders of the big city.

There’s phenomenal access to jobs and internships, during your studies and after you graduate. 

"Our students think and act in a way that’s bigger than themselves"

- Ali R. Malekzadeh, Ph.D., Roosevelt University President

Accessible and Committed

11-to-1 faculty-to-student ratio

Roosevelt’s 11:1 student to faculty ratio means smaller classes and closer connections with your professors.  You’ll never be buried in a 400-person lecture hall.  But it goes beyond the numbers.

Professor interacting with students

Most students are on a first name basis with their professors.  As accomplished as our faculty are, they’re more interested in building a connection with you than building their personal brands.

Why This Matters

Professors become advocates, who will challenge, support, understand and vouch for you.  Their influence and introductions can change your life.

Socially Conscious and Driven

36 courses with service learning

You know what it means to work. And you don't take your opportunities for granted. While you're focused on your future, you're also moved by causes bigger than yourself.

Guy speaking through a megaphone in the middle of rally

You’ll fit in well at Roosevelt, where students are uncommonly committed to social justice, acceptance and inclusivity.  Activism is a hallmark of Roosevelt, the spark that gave us our start.  It’s very much alive and well today.    

Why This Matters

It’s easier to stay focused and on task when you’re around purposeful people.  It’s easier to feel included when you’re around accepting people.

In Pursuit of the Better, Next

More than 120 degree programs. More than 72 ungraduate programs and 48 graduate programs.

From an academic standpoint, you’ll find Roosevelt has the programs to get you where you want to go professionally.  Whether you want a traditional liberal arts education or prefer hands on, experiential learning, Roosevelt has you covered.   

Two women carefully inspecting a handheld instrument in a lab

From our associate degree programs through our doctoral programs, you’ll meet expert faculty delivering academic excellence in the classroom.  And as Roosevelt embraces blended learning, you’ll have more opportunities to explore online course offerings as well.

Why This Matters

We’ll prepare you for the careers of tomorrow. We’ve got high quality programs that match your learning style and schedule

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