Pathways and Opportunities for the Development of Student Success

The goal of the PODSS program is to foster transformational learning environments that allow participants to focus on the steady process of personal growth and development through self-reflection, relationship building, and collaborative work. Through working with Office of Residence Life staff and faculty, participating in service work, field trips, guest speakers, and regular communication with one another; being a part of a POD will enhance students’ learning outside of the classroom and will help them achieve the following outcomes:

  • Improved GPAs
  • Active involvement in life-long learning
  • Increased satisfaction with the Roosevelt experience
  • Feeling of greater connection to other students living on campus

PODSS are not tied to a specific floor and give you the freedom to choose more than one or change a POD during the semester.

Lion statue outside of Art Institute

Arts Adventure

Explore the world of photography, music, painting, cinema and more through the Arts Adventure POD. This POD is for students who are passionate about the “making” process and want to enhance their skills or discover hidden talents. With the city as our classroom, students will explore the various mediums of expression that drive their passion for the arts.

An education student reading to children

LEAD (Leadership through Engagement, Advocacy and Dedication)

We are citizens of a global world and we each have a part to play in its future. LEAD will focus on giving back as a means to enhance student learning and engagement. This POD will focus heavily on service learning, social justice through civic engagement and other philanthropic initiatives both inside and outside of Roosevelt’s campus.

Roosevelt University celebrates Pride Month

+ (PLUS)

Join a safe and supportive environment for students of all gender identities, expressions and sexual orientations. The + POD  has been established to support the diverse student population at Roosevelt, examine contemporary issues, and enhance student learning through programming sensitive to issues of gender and sexuality.


Students with an interest in exploring the biological, physical and health sciences who share a desire to excel and belong to a fun and supportive community will thrive in this POD. This productive and engaging community caters specifically to the budding scientist.

Featured Graduating Students Spring 2017

I-POD (Identity, Intersectionality, Inclusion)

Diversity is the “who and what”. Inclusion is the “how”. I-POD will focus on the behaviors that welcome and embrace diversity on campus, in the city, and in our interconnected global community. Through an exploration of international and domestic culture, personal identities, intersectionality, and how we weave these together to form the fabric of our community, students will come to better understand themselves and others.

President Ali and students working in garden

Green Living

Live, eat, and breathe GREEN! As part of the Green POD, residents will become an environmental leader on campus by participating in outings, activities, and volunteer experiences that contribute to the University's sustainability goals and stay true to its social justice mission.

Lakers Cheer at the Goodman Center

RU Well

Holistic wellness involves multiple dimensions: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. RU Well Program addresses them all by providing resources, information, events and activities that promote campus wellness and encourages residents to live their best healthy life.

business students in conversation

π (Partners in Innovation)

The π POD serves students that have a desire to create innovative initiatives while enhancing their skills in the areas of management, administration, and entrepreneurship. Residents will work collaboratively to explore professional business practices and become agents of change within the corporate world.

Pianist performing a concerto accompanied by a symphony orchestra

STAGE (Students Aspiring Greatness in Entertainment)

The STAGE POD promotes a welcoming atmosphere of creative collaborations. In this POD, residents are encouraged to explore their artistic skills and creative options through the visual and performing arts including dance, vocal, instrumental, theatrical and comedic performances.

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Questions about this page?

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