PsyD at Roosevelt: Stats & Stories

Roosevelt alumna Carmen Carrion, PsyD '16

“I currently practice as a bilingual (Spanish) clinical neuropsychologist in the Yale-New Haven Health System. New Haven is a culturally diverse city, and each day I draw on skills acquired through my graduate training at RU. The RU clinical psychology program is unique in that diversity is not merely an afterthought. Instead, the faculty focuses on diversity in multiple courses, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of its relevance in all aspects of the clinical encounter, conceptualization, treatment planning, and feedback. This approach shaped my thinking in a way that greatly benefits my patients and has opened doors to collaborate on research pertaining to health disparities and social determinants of health.”

Carmen I. Carrion, PsyD '16
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology (Neuropsychologist)
Yale University, School of Medicine, New Haven, CT

Antu Segal Portrait

“I made wonderful lasting relationships with my mentors and my graduate school friends. You never forget your grad school buddies who helped you along the way.”

— Antu Segal, MA ’12, PsyD ’15
Senior Staff Clinical Health Psychologist
Transplant Institute at Henry Ford Health System

Roosevelt alum Jin Lee, PsyD '21

”Roosevelt University provided me with invaluable experiences as a budding psychologist due to their emphasis on close mentoring, opportunities for research, and very intentional support. One of the greatest benefits of the PsyD program was the safe, supportive, and challenging space it fostered. It helped me to grow through vulnerability and humility while prioritizing diversity dynamics, exploring different theoretical orientations, and working with various client populations. My experiences here significantly shaped who I am today and who I strive to be both professionally and personally.”

— Jin Lee, PsyD '21
Staff Psychologist at New York University, Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow, New York, NY

Our recent grads work in: Psychotherapy 74%; Testing/Assessment: 59%; Consultation: 59%; Supervision 46%; Administration: 36%; REsearch: 16%; Teaching: 10%
Our recent grads work: Hospital/Medical Center: 44%; Independent practice: 33%; University Counseling Center: 13%; Academic Teaching: 3%; Correctional Facility: 2%; Psychiatric Facility: 2%; School District: 2%; CMHC: 1%
Roosevelt alum Yoav Shimoni, PsyD '19

"As an international student, Roosevelt University's PsyD program was both a place of immense professional growth and a home away from home. I felt seen and supported by the faculty and view them as trusted mentors while I continue developing my career."

— Yoav Shimoni, '19
Psychologist, Qiryat Tiv‘on, Northern, Israel


“Roosevelt University is a unique place to pursue your graduate education.  It is exceptional in a variety of ways, but I want to focus on two particular aspects that I feel Roosevelt really outshines other programs.  The first is its commitment to social justice.  You feel it in the readings you do for class, the discussions you have outside of class, and in the support you feel as you learn to incorporate it into your clinical practice.  Roosevelt imbued both the spirit and the skills of social justice onto me and I have incorporated it into both my professional and private life.  I am forever changed. The second aspect I want to highlight is in training for supervision.  They encourage informal peer supervision in class, as well as provide solid coursework that prepares you to be intentional and deliberate in the way that you shape your trainee's education.  As I have begun taking on the role of supervisor and interacting with other supervisors, it was surprising that other people didn't have direct training in how to provide supervision.  Classwork taught me that clinical and supervisory skills can overlap but they are ultimately distinct.  I can say I have grown not only as a clinician and scholar, but also as a person; and I can trace it directly back to my Roosevelt education. ”

—Pamela Handelsman, PsyD '16
Clinical Psychologist at VA Healthcare Systems, Baltimore County City, MD

Roosevelt alum Diane Jung Gallo, PsyD '16

"I learned more about diversity issues through important dialogues with professors and peers, getting involved with research, and the many opportunities in Chicago to work with a diverse range of clients. Being an advocate for social justice has become an integral part of who I am."

—Diane Jung Gallo, PsyD '16
Licensed Clinical Psychologist at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

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