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Minor in Legal Studies

Legal studies is a minor designed to help students understand what the law is, where it comes from and how the laws of a community or nation interact with its culture to affect social justice outcomes. The minor prepares students for a professional career in a law-related field (law, politics, business) and is open to anyone interested in law in society and legal development.


Why Roosevelt

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Become a Well-rounded Legal Professional

A minor in legal studies prepares students for a broad array of careers in law, public policy, government, criminal justice, the nonprofit sector and social justice advocacy. The minor offers in-depth understanding of legal concepts, skills and public policy, allowing majors in any discipline to enhance their understanding of the law in the United States.

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Apply a Social Justice Lens to the Law

The legal studies minor at Roosevelt University is uniquely designed to introduce students to a range of areas of law and policy through the lens of social justice. Students are able to combine the study of legal theory and political institutions with the practical skills necessary to work within a range of legal fields.

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Diverse Class Offerings

The courses of the minor are divided into legal ideas and legal skills categories. Students can expect to engage in contemplation of what "justice" is, when and whether laws are just, and develop skills in interpretation, critical analysis and evaluation of legal concepts and questions.