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Master’s in Early Childhood Education, MA

Teach Pre-K to Second Grade in Illinois

With a master’s in early childhood education, you can address the learning and socio-emotional needs of children from birth to second grade. 

This intensive, field-based program prepares you to work democratically with diverse children and families, including those with special needs and second language backgrounds. The degree leads to an Illinois teaching license.


Why Roosevelt for your Master's

Social Justice Focus

At Roosevelt, you’ll build inclusive, engaging relationships with faculty, school practitioners and learners. Immerse yourself in diverse school and community cultures. 

The early childhood education degree is ideal for students who don’t have an undergraduate major in education but aspire to transform schools and classrooms. The program nurtures social justice leadership and coaches candidates toward career success.


Thorough Teacher Preparation

Teaching is a rewarding profession, but requires a lot of commitment and preparation. At Roosevelt, you can expect focused and practical assignments, engaging discussion, small group projects, and field experiences in diverse schools and classrooms. 

In your final semester, you’ll complete a 15-week student teaching experience under the guidance of a mentor teacher and a university supervisor.

100% Pass Rate

The master’s in early childhood education has a 100% pass rate on the edTPA, the capstone assessment for an Illinois teaching license. The program leads to an Illinois Early Childhood Teaching license and the Early Childhood Special Education Approval. 

Add one or more endorsements to your teaching license:

  • Bilingual/ESL education
  • Elementary education
  • Special education (LBS 1)


“My students are going to be social justice change agents. Early childhood teachers are the first educators in children’s lives who help them navigate the future and advocate for them in cases of injustice. It’s imperative that they learn about social justice, multiculturalism and anti-bias curriculum, which is an approach that respects and embraces differences—something I care deeply about given my own experiences.”

Jin-Ah Kim
Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education, Roosevelt University


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