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Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

Roosevelt’s four-course certificate targets professionals working in a position where they can benefit from improved conflict management skills. Whether looking to make a career change or building expertise in a specialized field, this program trains students in negotiation tactics and alternative dispute resolution processes. These skills will increase an individual’s marketability and strengthen their company culture.


Why Roosevelt for your graduate certificate

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Attend Class On Your Schedule

Small classes (10-12 students) are taught by dedicated faculty members who are experts in the fields of business, law, conflict management, employee engagement, leadership development, team building and organizational development. Classes are offered fully online and combine synchronous class sessions and simulations through Zoom with online instruction.

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Commitment to Social Justice

The University’s long-standing dedication to social justice principles provides a meaningful ethical framework for the curriculum. You’ll become a fair and equitable expert on settling disputes.

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Compatible With Our Master's Program

All four courses in the graduate certificate can be applied towards the 10 classes required in Roosevelt's Master of Arts degree in Conflict & Mediation.

“[I found the classes in the graduate certificate program] taught useful practical theories, techniques and tools I could use in a real-life setting. This program has provided me opportunities and support to gain leadership, conflict resolution skills, negotiation tactics and so much more. Having these skills gives me the ability to assess challenges from all sides and to find a successful approach to any conflict.”

Ayak Sato
Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution & Negotiation, ’20


Conflict and mediation is an interdisciplinary field that involves certain legal skills and concepts. However, Roosevelt University does not seek or receive approval from the American Bar Association for the Master of Arts in Conflict & Mediation program. Roosevelt’s Paralegal Studies Program is the only program at Roosevelt that is approved by the American Bar Association.