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Bachelor's of Arts in Music, BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Music is a flexible liberal arts degree for those who are interested in attaining musical training in the context of a comprehensive university that is committed to advancing the cause of social justice. The course of study for a student enrolled in the BA program may be customized to the student’s particular interests and career goals, allowing students with other academic interests to consider adding an additional major or minor. Beginning in Fall 2024, annual tuition for this program will be $21,000 per year.

The BA program in Music is housed in the Interdisciplinary Conservatory of the Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA). Our faculty is comprised of full-time professors as well as many active Music professionals who lend their unique talents and expertise to our Conservatories. At CCPA, our students learn from and work alongside the very best, and a low student/faculty ratio results in a focused study that is tailored to each individual student's needs.


Why Roosevelt for your Bachelor's

Four students staging on stage holding instruments while one is playing the saxophone.

Diverse Performance Opportunities

Students in the BA program are able to participate in the Conservatory’s many performance opportunities by auditioning for ensembles, take classes with the College’s expert instructors, and study in electives across the university.

Students performing on stage where one student is singing as another looks on.

Comprehensive Studies

The BA program includes foundational coursework from the musicianship and music history cores, applied music and ensemble experiences, and upper-division electives, and it culminates in a year-long internship or individually designed capstone project.

Four student playing violin and one student playing the chello sitting in a bright room with large windows.

Personalized Emphasis

Customization and inclusion of experiential learning is designed for students to attain a range of skills transferrable to a breadth of opportunities after graduation.

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