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Tze-Teck Sim
Assistant Director for International Recruitment
» Office of International Programs

About Me

My passion for international student recruitment is not just a profession; it's a purpose-driven endeavor that draws upon my own experiences.  In my experiences as a former international student, I know the questions that keep prospective students awake at night, the dreams that move in their hearts, and the concerns that linger in their minds. This personal knowledge enables me to provide expert guidance, genuine empathy, and reassurance, fostering a sense of trust in this transformative journey.

I enjoy cooking, exploring new horizons through travel, and enjoying the thrill of meeting and connecting with unique individuals. These passions define me, shaping my experiences and continuously expanding my perspectives. Whether experimenting with flavors in the kitchen, embarking on journeys of discovery, or engaging in enriching conversations, I am driven by a love for living fully.