Matthew Skinta
Assistant Professor of Psychology
College of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences
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About Me

I am board certified in clinical health psychology, reflecting my background in integrated medical settings, HIV/AIDS-related work, and a respect for the ways that our physical health reflects and affects psychological well-being. I have specific clinical experience and expertise working with sexual orientation and gender identity, HIV/AIDS, chronic pain, and chronic depression.

My research interests are primarily focused on the interpersonal costs of minority stress upon sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals. Histories of shame, family rejection, stigma, and concealment can lead to patterns of challenge and barriers to connection. I am interested in those approaches that might promote vulnerability, acceptance, and self-compassion in ways that nurture social connections and the health that comes with safety in our relationships.

Finally, contextual behavioral psychotherapies and the underlying assumptions of those therapies, including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, and Compassion-Focused Therapy, are the threads that run through both my research and clinical interests. I have also provided clinical training of staff or consultation based upon these therapies for studies in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy that advance treatment responses to racial trauma, chronic depression, and self-acceptance among queer and trans people. 


Students are welcome to join me in the Vulnerability, Acceptance, and Self-compassion Therapies (VAST) Lab. Members active in current research or mentorship with me meet bi-weekly to discuss relevant articles related to SGM health and wellness, intersectional identities, and students are able to share and present their own work with their peers. If you would like more information on current projects or are considering applying to Roosevelt's PsyD program, please feel welcome to contact me.

Representative Publications

Misra, A., Bryan, A., Faber, N. S., Pereira, D. P., Faber, S., Williams, M. T., & Skinta, M. D. (2023). A systematic review of inclusion of minoritized populations in randomized controlled trials of acceptance and commitment therapy. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 29, 122-130.

Rincón, C. L., Muñoz-Martínez, A. M., Hoeflein, B., & Skinta, M. D. (2021). Enhancing interpersonal intimacy in Colombian gay men using functional analytic psychotherapy: An experimental nonconcurrent multiple baseline design. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 30(1), 82-95.

Rosen, D. C., Kanter, J. W., Villatte, M., Skinta, M. D., & Plummer Louden, M. (2019). Becoming an Antiracist White Clinician. In Williams, M. T., Rosen, D. C., & Kanter, J. W. (Eds.), Eliminating Race-Based Mental Health Disparities: Promoting Equity and Culturally Responsive Care across Settings. New Harbinger: Oakland.

Skinta, M. D., Hoeflein, B.T.R., & Ryu, D. (2019). Acceptance, Vulnerability, and Compassion: Contextual-Behavioral Approaches for Sexual and Gender Minority Clients. In S. Safren and J. Pachankis (Eds.), Handbook of Evidence-based Mental Health Practice with Gender and Sexual Minority Clients. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Skinta, M. D., Hoeflein, B.T.R., Muñoz-Martínez, A.M., & Rincón, C.L. (2018). Responding to Gender and Sexual Minority Stress with Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy, 55(1), 63-72.

Topic of Expertise
  • LGBTQ+ Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Health Psychology
  • Minority stress and health
  • BA Psychology; Crime & Delinquency Studies — University of Kansas
  • MA Clinical Psychology — Kent State University
  • PhD Clinical Psychology — Kent State University