Our internship program offers experience-based learning to our employer partners as well as students. We collaborate on internship initiatives with your organization to facilitate:

  • A good match between employer partners and interns
  • Relationships with positive mentors and students
  • A tangible sense of accomplishment and positive experience for students
  • Assessment of program effectiveness
  • Internships may may be eligible to receive academic credit.

Hiring Roosevelt interns allows you to:

  • Connect with highly qualified students who are eager to learn
  • Accomplish significant projects and tasks
  • Provide professional and career-related experiences while training a potential future employee in the field
  • Share industry-specific knowledge and serve as a mentor for Roosevelt students.

For more information, contact the Office of Career Development at career@roosevelt.edu or 312-341-3560.

Questions about this page?

Questions about this page?

Director of Career Development