Roosevelt University utilizes The Work Number® by Equifax to address all  requests for employment verification, job verification or income verification for our employees. Please closely follow the instructions below:

To obtain proof of employment via The Work Number, you will need:

  • the Roosevelt University employer code, which is 19761
  • the employee’s Social Security Number
  • a permissible purpose for accessing the information, as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • and credentialed access to use The Work Number

For more information on accepted permissible purposes and using The Work Number, please visit The Work Number website, or call The Work Number client service center at 1-800-367-5690.

Commercial verifiers will visit, click “Sign up” to verify for your organization if your organization isn’t registered yet, then go to “Log In” go to select “Verify for your organization” and provide:

  1. Employer Name:  Roosevelt University
  2. Employer Code:  19761
  3. Employee’s Social Security Number

If your organization is not a regular verifier, please register and request a coupon from to complete your verification through The Work Number.