Undergraduate Honors Program

The Honors Program at Roosevelt University provides immersive academic opportunities for students seeking an enriched undergraduate experience, featuring close faculty mentorship, multi-disciplinary approaches to inquiry and creativity, personalized curriculum, civic engagement, and experiential learning. Students who complete the Honors Program gain tangible distinction and preparation for graduate school, professional success, and life as socially conscious leaders.

Program Standards

The Honors program will engage your curiosity in innovative learning across multiple disciplines, both in and out of the classroom.

Honors intellectual experiences emphasize your critical engagement with complex subjects. Whether you are in a small seminar led by a dedicated faculty member or designing your own unique project, you will acquire new knowledge, analyze real world situations, and apply what you are learning in the areas that matter most to you. 

The Honors program is designed to enhance and fit within your Roosevelt curriculum. You will enroll in Honors courses that fill degree requirements, so that approximately 20% of your total course work will be in Honors. Your Honors requirements are calculated when you are admitted to the program.

The Honors curriculum includes CORE courses, electives, and courses in your major and minor. Specialized Honors tracks are offered in Musical Arts and Finance. We also offer curricular pathways for Honors students majoring in Psychology and the Sciences. See the catalog for details.


Admission Information

Incoming and current students are welcome to apply at the application link below. Applications open February 01 and close July 01. All admitted students begin in the Fall term. Honors-ready students are curious and motivated, have strong academic records, and submit excellent Honors application materials. Applicants must have at least three more semesters to complete at RU at the time they join the Honors Program. Honors courses are offered at the Chicago campus only.

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Marjorie Jolles, Program Director
Sarah Maria Rutter, Associate Director

"The Honors Program has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and was so meaningfully influential in my overall experience at RU, personally, socially, and academically. Participating in the Honors program, I felt challenged in intellectually stimulating ways while also feeling deeply and individually supported and encouraged. I am so grateful for the countless enriching opportunities offered by the Honors program, which provided me life-changing growth in my perspectives and self-confidence, and directly informed the discovery of my life and career passions and aspirations."

Ani Pond, Psychology major and Hispanic Studies minor, 2021

"The Honors Program allows you to break out of your shell and think more thoroughly and deeply, as well as become a more creative thinker. I am forever grateful to the Honors Program for pushing me to be the best version I could be and even allowing me to challenge my own thinking."

Raneen El-Barbarawi, Journalism and International Studies double-major, 2022

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