$1.1 million

The estimated increase in earnings for individuals with a completed bachelor’s degree during a 40-year career, compared to a typical high school graduate. (United States Census Bureau, 2012)

Roosevelt Scholarships & Grants

of students

of students

are considered for scholarships at the time of admission. These scholarships are awarded based upon your previous academic record, or in some programs your interview or audition. Scholarships and grants generally do not require repayment. Learn more about scholarships.

of students

of students

at Roosevelt receive financial assistance.



in Roosevelt scholarships and grants in 2016-17 academic year.

Annual value

Annual value

of merit-based scholarships awarded to qualifying full-time undergraduate students.

Federal & State Grants

The Federal Pell Grant is distributed by the federal government to assist students with the greatest financial need. Eligibility is determined based upon a student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Learn more about federal grants.

Illinois residents may be eligible for additional aid through the Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP). Eligibility is based upon a student’s EFC. These need-based grants are funded by the State of Illinois and administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Learn more about state grants.

What is an EFC?

Your Expected Family Contribution is an amount determined by the federal government and is an indication of your family’s ability to pay for a college education.


Loans are borrowed from either the government or a private entity to finance expenses directly related to the cost of your education. This money must be repaid and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined by the lender.

Students are encouraged to carefully consider all financial aid options before borrowing. Learn more about loans.

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Direct Subsidized Loans

The government pays the interest accrued on subsidized loans while you are enrolled in school.

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Direct Unsubsidized Loans

You are responsible for the interest owed on unsubsidized loans while enrolled.

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PLUS Loans

For qualified parents of dependent undergraduate students. Additional loan options are available to non-qualifying parents and students. Learn more about PLUS loans.

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Private Loans

Students are encouraged to consider all federal loan options, prior to considering private, third-party loans. Learn more about private loans.

Student Employment

Roosevelt students participate in student employment opportunities each year

Roosevelt students participate in student employment opportunities each year

Students who apply for and are granted a job through the Office of Career Development earn money while gaining professional experience. Learn more about work-study.

Private Scholarships

Many community organizations and businesses award scholarships to local students each year. These scholarships are a good way to supplement assistance awarded by Roosevelt. Contact your school's counseling or advising office and search online at fastweb.com and scholarships.com.

2019-20 Tuition
2018-19 estimated Room & Board: $13,750

Tuition rates are dependent upon the academic program in which a student enrolls, as well as full- or part-time status.

College of Arts and Sciences and College of Education $29,832
College of Business $30,411
Chicago College of Performing Arts $37,836