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At the Walter E. Heller College of Business, Roosevelt offers business education with today's economy in mind. Our degrees keep a tight focus on practical application and success in today's global corporate environment that integrates an emphasis on personal and professional integrity, as well as the importance of social responsibility.

Location: Online
Start Term: Fall, Spring
Program Type: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

Business problems need solutions based on data. Data and information have grown in exponential terms in most organizations and they struggle to translate the data they have into meaningful business insights and trends. Data Analytics, using a business management mindset, becomes an essential function for consistent and successful decision-making.

Ganesh Vaidyanathan
, Program Director
Lakeisha Robinson
, Department Contact

What Differentiates Us

Fully Online

Fully Online

This program provides the working professional a very flexible and convenient way to meet their needs. In this fully online format, students will be able to take classes from home, work, or from out-of-town, at times that will meet their particular situations.

Real World Experienced Faculty

Real World Experienced Faculty

This program will not only strengthen your understanding of data analytics but will provide students with a focus on the actual practice of data analytics with current applications.

Can Be Completed in One Year

Can Be Completed in One Year

This certificate consists of only four courses that will thoroughly provide students a solid foundation in data analytics.

Expectations & Requirements


This certificate requires 12 credit hours (four courses), with all four classes focusing on data analytics. Specific courses a student will be taking in any semester will be made in conjunction with the Graduate Advisor.

Sample Courses

  • Seminar in Big Data Analytics
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Business Analytics and Statistical Inferencing Models
  • Predictive Business Data Analysis


A Fast Growing Field

Employment of management/business analysts is projected to grow 14% from 2016 to 2026, far faster than the average for most business occupations. Demand for these services will clearly grow as organizations are becoming overloaded with data as they continue to seek ways to improve profitability, operational efficiency and control costs.