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CTA U-Pass Information

Roosevelt University has contracted with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to provide affordable public transportation to all degree seeking, full-time students at the Chicago Campus through the CTA U-Pass program.  All eligible students will be charged a mandatory, non-refundable fee of $138.00 in each fall and spring semester.  The U-Pass fee cannot be waived for full-time Chicago campus students.

  • U-Pass offers unlimited rides on any CTA bus or train during the Fall and Spring semesters beginning five days before classes start and extending until five days after finals end.  It is not offered during the Summer.
  • U-Pass is also valid for CTA Para Transit Special Services (for those qualified through the RTA) until the printed expiration date.
  • U-Pass does not require a transfer or surcharge.
  • U-Pass is NOT valid for travel on PACE suburban buses or Metra commuter trains.
  • The cards of students whose enrollment status changes to part-time will be deactivated without refund.
  • The U-Pass has the student’s photo and name on the card and is non-transferable.
  • Incomplete courses, GuIDE program courses from previous terms, classes at other universities and courses not officially listed on the current term registration cannot be used to determine full-time status.
  • Part-time students are not eligible for the program under the terms of the contract, and they may not purchase or receive a U-Pass.
  • Students in the Paralegal Certificate Program are not eligible for a U-PASS. 

Full time status for CTA U-Pass program is defined as:

12  or more credit hours  per term for undergraduates
  9  or more credit hours  per term for graduate students
  6  or more credit hours per term for doctoral students

U-Pass Distribution 

Students new to Roosevelt University:

Students who are new to the university can have their photo taken for their Ventra U-Pass and pick up a 7-day CTA pass on January 15th from 10am-2pm, and January 19th from 10am-2pm in room WB 616 each day. Your student ID card and a copy of your bill or schedule (electronic is acceptable) will be required in order to verify full-time enrollment. The actual Ventra U-Pass will be available for pick up, in the Office of the Registrar (located in WB 1M14), one week from the day your photo is taken. 

If you are a transfer student who has had a Ventra U-Pass with another school, please send an email to Chicona Hodges at with your name, student ID number, and Ventra number located on the back of your card.

Continuing students:

If you have had a Ventra U-Pass with Roosevelt University, you will use the same Ventra card.  Your Ventra card will be activated on January 15.  If you have lost your Ventra U-Pass, please stop by the Office of the Registrar anytime during business hours to order a new card.  There is a $50 replacement fee.

If you are a continuing student at Roosevelt and you have not had a Ventra U-Pass before, please stop by the Office of the Registrar during normal business hours to order one.

For information about the distribution or use of the U-Pass, or if you have questions regarding your enrollment status or campus affiliation, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (312) 341-3535.

Schaumburg students:

Schaumburg students interested in requesting a U-Pass must fill out the Schaumburg U-Pass Request Form and return it to the Schaumburg Campus, room 125.  

For information about the distribution or use of the U-Pass, or if you have questions regarding your enrollment status or campus affiliation, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (312) 341-2443.

Help! My U-Pass isn't working!

Go to and enter your card number and expiration date.  Here, check three things:

  1. Status should say “Active.” 
    • If it says “Closed,” your card has not been activated.  Call the number on the front of your card to activate.
    • If it says “Suspended,” it means there is a negative balance of more than $2.50.  Ventra customer service can see when the charges occurred, and if they occurred during the semester dates, they can refund the money.  If you used the card outside of the semester dates, you are responsible for paying the balance.  Once the charges are removed, the card will be reactivated.
  2. The Current Balance should say $0.00 or a positive number.
    • If the balance is more than $2.25 negative, the card has been suspended.  See above instructions.
    • If the balance is between -$2.25 and $0, please call the Ventra customer service number (located on the back of your card).
  3. The CTA U-Pass should be listed under Pass List.
    • If it is not there, you might not be eligible for the U-Pass.  Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 312-341-2443 if the U-Pass is not listed but you believe that you are eligible.

If all of these criteria are met, there is an internal problem with the card (either damaged or defective).  You must go to the Ventra Customer Service Center at 165 N. Jefferson.  A customer service representative will look at the card, and if deemed damaged or defective, will issue a temporary 7-day pass and give you a new card order form. You will then bring that to the Registrar's Office (WB 1M14).

When will the pass be active?

Spring 2016 U-Passes will be active starting January 15 until May 15, as long as the student is enrolled full-time. 

U-Pass Replacement for Lost/Stolen Cards

Visit the Registrar's Office on the Chicago Campus with your Roosevelt ID  for a replacement U-Pass. Only one replacement per semester is permitted.  There is a $50 fee for replacement.