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Center for New Deal Studies

The Center for New Deal Studies features resources and activities that deepen our understanding of the lives of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and of the social, economic, political, and cultural history of the New Deal era in American history. The Center sponsors a variety of educational programs, including lecture series, course offerings, and publications.  In addition, the Center contains a remarkable collection of materials on the Roosevelts and the New Deal. These include books, photographs, videotapes, oral histories, manuscript collections, and thousands of pieces of ephemera of interest to Roosevelt scholars and researchers of the New Deal.

21st Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Distinguished Lecture, September 11, 2014
Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ph.D., President of Brazil (1995-2002)
"Reinvention of Democracy:  Reconciling demos and res publica"

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The Center for New Deal Studies was established in the College of Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt University through a generous donation from Gwen Hirsch.

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