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Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers academic support services for Roosevelt students. These include tutoring, strategic learning, course-specific study groups, study skill workshops, peer mentoring and services for students with disabilities.  The ASC is a great place to study, meet other students, and enhance your learning.

Chicago Campus
Auditorium Room 128
Schaumburg Campus
Room 125

Academic Tutoring

The ASC provides group and individualized academic support and tutoring across a spectrum of subjects. Students can work on specific writing needs or use the center as a place to discuss projects, paper topics, or ideas. Tutoring is free for currently enrolled Roosevelt students.

Learning and Support Services Program (LSSP)

The Learning and Support Services Program, created in 1981, is designed to assist college students with learning disabilities in their pursuit of a college education. It is a supportive program for students enrolled in regular college courses. Emphasis is placed on planning, tutoring, counseling and modified test taking accommodations. Admission to Roosevelt University is a separate process facilitated by the Office of Admission. The LSSP does not admit students to the university. All students must apply and be admitted through the standard admission process. An additional fee is charged for the LSSP program.  For more information, contact Nancy Litke, Senior Director of the Academic Success Center, at 312-341-3810.

Disability Services

The Disability Services program serves all students with special needs and the use of services is voluntary and confidential. The program is a resource for students and faculty. The goal of this office is to ensure educational opportunity for all students with special needs by providing access to full participation in all aspects of campus life and increase awareness of disability issues on campus.  For more information, contact Nancy Litke, Senior Director of the Academic Success Center, at 312-341-3810.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is a student-centered program that provides one-on-one peer mentoring services to freshmen, nontraditional students, and any Roosevelt student seeking to learn and grow from the experience of working with a trained Roosevelt Peer Mentor. Services include, but are not limited to, one-on-one mentoring sessions, group outings, workshops, and referrals to university resources.  The program is currently offered only at the Chicago Campus. For more information, contact Danielle Smith, Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center, at 312-341-3761.