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Gage Gallery in the News

Carry Me Ohio
Photographs by Matt Eich

February 3—Chicago Magazine—The Absolute Best Things to Do in February
February 25—Chicago Magazine—21 Art Gallery Exhibits to See in Chicago

Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out
Photographs by Edumund Clark

February 8—Medill—Terror and abuse: Guantanamo in pictures unravels in Chicago 
April 23—Slate—Life at Guantanamo, and What Happens Next

February 27—Chicago Tribune—Galleries in the Digital Age

Photographs by Richard Ross

October 3—Chicago Tribune—Exhibit at Roosevelt's Gage Gallery gives unflinching view of a dark problem.
October 7—Chicago Tribune —Pick of the Week.
November 20—Chicago Maroon—Seeing the exhibit will not be a casual or easy affair, but it is a vital one, for it houses a long and affecting history of suffering to which every citizen of this country dearly needs exposure.

Grace Before Dying
Photographs by Lori Waselchuk

Mar 20, 2012—TimeOut Chicago—The best thing I did all week.
Mar 22, 2012—TimeOut Chicago—A inmate-hospice program gives prisoners a second chance at dignity.

Photographs by Lloyd DeGrane

Nov 21, 2011—McCormick Foundation Media Matters—Review of exhibit and opening
Nov 22, 2011—WBEZ—Capturing life behind bars
Nov 22, 2011—WTTW—Big house behind the scenes
Dec 8, 2011—Chicago Reader—Recommended exhibit and review
Dec 20, 2011—Newcity Art—Recommended exhibit and review

The Innocents: Headshots
Photographs by Taryn Simon

Sept 15, 2011—WBBM—Photo exhibit showcases faces of the wrongfully convicted
Oct 12, 2011—NBC—Specialist interviewed about memory accuracy
Nov 14, 2011—Daily Herald—Roosevelt exhibit spotlights wrongful convictions

The Working-Class Eye of Milton Rogovin
Photographs by Milton Rogovin

Jan 18, 2011—New York Times—Parting Glance
Jan 19, 2011—Time Out Chicago—Around Town
Jan 20, 2011—Library of Congress Photography Division—He Shall Not Be Forgotten 
Jan 20, 2011—WBEZ—Web stream from the opening night reception
Jan 27, 2011—Chicago Examiner—Working-Class Eye exhibit receives 5 stars 
Jan 30, 2011—Chicago Sun-Times—Photographer of the Working Class
Feb 15, 2011—Daylight Community Arts Foundation—Photo podcast about Mr. Rogovin's life and work 
Apr 14, 2011—Roosevelt Review—Thought Provoking Social Documentary Photography
Apr 18, 2011—WTTW
—Chicago Tonight features Milton Rogovin
Apr 22, 2011—In These Times—Remembering photographer Milton Rogovin
Dec 21, 2011—TimeOut Chicago—Top five museums and exhibits of 2011

Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession
Photographs by Tomasz Tomaszewski, Khled Hasen, Shiho Fukada, and Michael McElroy

Oct 11, 2010—Newcity Art—"This show is required viewing for everyone with any smidgeon of conscience and taste for truth."

Dec 3, 2010—Chicago Art Magazine—"Experience proves a visual approach and puts a face to worldly injustices, magnifying their significance in world issues."

Dec 21, 2010—Newcity Art—Top 5 Documentary Photography Shows

San Francisco in the 1970s
Photographs by Jerry Pritikin

July 30, 2010—Chicago Tribune—"In the way that photographs of Chicago's 1968 Democratic National Convention riots can speak volumes with an image of a single police car or battalion officer, so do Pritikin's snapshots of San Francisco in the 1970s."

Jun 28, 2010—Newcity Art"Deploying a photojournalistic approach, Pritikin went where the action was and captured the vibrant and boisterous spirit of the times, so different from today’s edgy temperament."

Jun 25, 2010—WBEZ's 848New Photography Exhibit Profiles Gay San Francisco in the 1970s

Jun 4, 2010—Huffington Post—"His photographs, on display this summer at the Gage Gallery at Roosevelt University, portray, in Pritikin's puckish style, the cultural transformation that took place in San Francisco. The movement was marked by obscure events like when the police softball team shockingly agreed to play against the gay softball team, and iconic moments, like Pritikin's famous picture of Harvey Milk, speaking into a bullhorn on Orange Tuesday, June 7, 1977."

May 28, 2010—Chicago Tribune—"Local gay rights activist Pritikin's historical images focus on the Bay City's famous Castro neighborhood, which came of age in the late '60s and early '70s alongside politician and activist Harvey Milk. Now 73, Pritikin says, "When I took these photos, I never thought they would become a marker in history.""

A Procession of Them: The Plight of the Mentally Disabled
Photographs by Euguene Richards

April 12, 2010—Newcity Art—"As Chicago’s premier space for showcasing contemporary critical social photo-documentary, the Gage Gallery has come up with another searing exhibition..."

March 4, 2010—Gapers Block Website—"Eugene Richards, an award winning documentary photographer, does not allow the trauma of this situation to escape the eyes and hearts of viewers."

Feb 5, 2010—Chicago Art Magazine—"In every picture though, he [Richards] equates that person’s life to your own. To me, in Richards’s photographs, I see such raw emotion and imagery that I am terrified that what is happening in the picture, could happen to me. I can’t remember ever feeling this way before while looking at photographs."

Violent Realities 
Photographs by Jon Lowenstein and Carlos Javier Ortiz

Nov 27, 2009—Chicago TribuneViolent Realities at Roosevelt University's Gage Gallery not for "sensitive viewers"

Oct 18, 2009—CAN-TVThe artists in this exhibition focus on the victims of violence to raise awareness about how it affects the children, families, neighborhoods and communities in Guatamala and The United States.

Sunday, October 18th, 12:30 pm, Channel 21
Thursday, October 22nd, 8:30 am, Channel 19
Monday, October 26th, 2:30 pm, Channel 21

Photographs by Nina Berman

May 2, 2009—Newcity Art—In a most grisly and brightly colored photo-documentary about how the United States has been turned into a playground for anti-terrorist...

Aftermath Project
Photographs by Sara Terry

Nov 5, 2008—CAN-TV—Interview with Aftermath Project Sara Terry