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Student Experience: Life as a Laker

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Find out what life as a Laker is like.

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A lot has been written during the past few years suggesting that a master’s degree is the new bachelor’s.

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Before enrolling at Roosevelt in 2013, Laura Miller Hill hadn’t been in a college classroom for nearly 20 years. While at Roosevelt, the full-time special education assistant and suburban mother has interned at The Field Museum in Chicago and written extensively on sustainability issues. A sustainability studies major, Miller Hill is this winter’s prestigious Student Commencement speaker, addressing fellow graduates at Roosevelt’s Auditorium Theatre graduation. “I was the oldest person in my classes, but it never really bothered me,” Miller Hill said. “Roosevelt is the type of place that’s accepting, and the subject I chose to study (sustainability) is something that’s been progressive.”

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More than 50 Roosevelt University students have been trained by the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation since 2010 in how to use restorative justice practices when working with young people.