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New Students Arrive at Roosevelt

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Spring '17 new students collage compilation

We caught up with four students at freshman orientation and got their thoughts on starting out at Roosevelt and what they hope to accomplish.

Justin Christian

Justin came to Roosevelt drawn to its diverse student body and “down-to-earth” environment. Majoring in computer science, Justin hopes to “develop good software applications that bring people together and connect with each other.” The Broadview, Ill. native did some of that himself during orientation. “Things are going pretty smoothly, I’m slowly getting acclimated to everything.”

Justin Christian

Elena Knudsen

Roosevelt is more than just an “easy commute from Palatine [Ill.] and great views” to Elena. Its wide array of degree programs helped her make her choice, leading her to major in international studies with a political science minor. While her professional goals are to open doors to a number of opportunities — including working with the U.N. — Elena wants to “gain exposure to new things and meet new people.”

Elena Knudsen

Anna Gregory

Anna came to Roosevelt not just to study at its renowned CCPA as an acting major, but to network and branch out as much as possible. The faculty, staff and fellow students have all made her feel as comfortable as possible — “I haven’t met one unfriendly person at all.” The Minneapolis native is excited for CCPA’s unique teaching, in that “there isn’t that immense academic pressure for perfection, it’s about the learning process rather than the outcome.” Outside of acting, Anna’s learning to be independent. “Roosevelt’s campus is really Chicago, so you’re not insulated, you have the whole city to explore.”

Anna Gregory

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