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Whether in the heart of downtown Chicago’s dynamic commercial and cultural district, or nestled within the city's northwest suburban economic center, Roosevelt University’s Chicago and Schaumburg campuses are actively connected to their communities. Both unique campuses offer numerous opportunities for academic and personal growth, as well as community outreach and development that echoes our commitment to service-based learning and social justice.

In the Loop

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Get connected with life in our great city. There are more people to meet, places to experience and things to do than you could ever imagine.

Building Business

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Leo Solarte (BB, '09; MSRE, '11) completed two degrees at Roosevelt all while driving over 40,000 miles working in real estate. His hard work paid off, starting a lending commercial property management firm soon after graduating.

Community Leadership

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Roosevelt encourages students of all backgrounds to achieve greatness. The Black Male Leadership Academy is Exhibit A.

"Chicago is our campus...even just walking, being able to soak everything in. There's never a dull day in downtown Chicago."

Angelica Marrufo - Mental Health Counseling, MA '17
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