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Real-World Experience

Why wait until you graduate to get real-world experience? Roosevelt offers plenty of meaningful out-of-the-classroom opportunities for students: internships, mentorships, career development, study abroad and much more.

The Next Level

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In May 2016, Ben Sher became the University's first-ever PhD graduate in Roosevelt's growing Industrial-Organization (I-O) Psychology program. Will you follow in his footsteps?

Crossing Borders

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Our study abroad programs give you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel, learn and live in other countries. There's a whole world out there. Now’s the best time to explore it.

The Business World

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The CCCF Fellows Program, funded through the Clearing Corporation Charitable Foundation, provides undergraduate business students the resources, tools and guidance needed to successfully reach their professional goals.

“I never really thought what I knew how to do would be a way of giving back to the community, but I am learning it is possible.”

Archy Jamjun - MFA in Creative Writing '17
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