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Adult Learners

What can you expect from the Adult Flex-Track Program?
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The Flex-Track degree curriculum is designed with adult learners in mind, and social justice topics are incorporated directly into seminar courses. The curriculum gives adults the key learning attributes they need for success in life and career:

  • Critical thinking
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Quantitative literacy
  • Technological literacy
  • A broad understanding of the disciplines

Further, the Senior Thesis sequence (PLS 397 and PLS 398) represents a best practice in undergraduate teaching in creating a capstone experience, allowing mastery of a topic that brings together the skills learned previously. Equally important, each Flex-Track course is taught via frequent seminar-style discussions with intensive research and writing components.

Adult learners come to class with rich and diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a complexity and experience not often seen in traditional-age students. The program and curriculum meet these students “where they are” academically and create new associations with previous experience and understandings, forging connections between academic learning and life.