Revised 6-2-2014


Roosevelt University issues a photo identification card (ID) to each student and employee. The ID card serves as proof of student/employee status within Roosevelt University and provides access to many resources provided throughout the University including libraries, residence halls, and dining services as well as providing basic access to campus buildings themselves. The Office of the Registrar issues all student ID cards.  The Office of Human Resources issues all employee ID cards.

Students and employees must carry a current ID card with them while on campus. The cardholder is responsible for the care and safekeeping of the ID card. It is prohibited to punch any holes in the card or to stick stickers, pins, or other items to the card. Students and employees must keep the card away from magnetic fields. The card may only be carried and used by the person to whom the University issued the card. The ID card remains the property of Roosevelt University and must be presented upon the request of an appropriate University official.  The card may be revoked at any time by the University.

Any transfer, alteration, falsification, or forgery of an ID card constitutes a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and may result in disciplinary action by the Office of Conflict Resolution and Conduct or, in the case of employees, with the Office of Human Resources.  In addition, fraudulent or illegal use of the campus identification may result in criminal charges and/or civil proceedings.

The information contained on a student or employee’s ID card will not be released to persons outside of  Roosevelt University unless required by law—in response to a valid court order or subpoena—or upon the execution of written consent signed by the cardholder. Exceptions to this rule include use of the information contained on or in the card to assist in the personal protection of any person or to comply with federal, state, or local laws. The photo portion of the ID card may be released as part of Roosevelt University directory information.


  1. Obtaining an ID Card

    The Office of the Registrar issues all student ID cards. One initial ID card is issued without charge. To request an ID card a student must present his or her nine-digit student ID number. The Office of the Registrar staff will verify that the student has an active student status. A staff member of the Office of the Registrar takes a head shot photo image of the student, and the ID card is printed and presented to the owner. Campus Safety grants facility access to the student remotely.

    The Office of Human Resources issues all employee ID cards.  Human Resources staff verify employment, take a photograph for the card, and then produce the card.  Campus Safety grants facility access to the employee remotely. 

  2. Placing a Missing ID Card on “Lost” Status

    When an ID card cannot be found it must be placed on an ID card “lost” status. Placing a card on ”lost” status protects the student  and employee by de-activating the associated ID card privileges. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to Roosevelt University Campus Safety either in person or by calling 312-341-2020 in Chicago or 847-619-8989 in Schaumburg.

  3. Meal Plan Access Without an ID Card

    University policy requires that every student carry his or her ID card at all times. A student replacement ID card can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar during normal business hours. To gain access to a meal plan before a replacement ID card is obtained, a student must present an alternate valid photo ID to be looked up in the meal plan database. If a student ID is lost and a student has a Chicago dining services meal plan, dining services should be notified immediately by e-mailing

  4. Building Access Without an ID Card

    The Office of Campus Safety may offer temporary access to University buildings at their discretion.  Students should obtain a replacement ID card from the Office of the Registrar during normal business hours as soon as possible. Employees must obtain their replacement ID card from the Office of Human Resources.  Building access is active approximately five (5) minutes after a replacement ID card is printed.

  5. Unauthorized Transactions

    If anyone believes there has been an unauthorized transaction made with the ID card, please report the concern and details immediately to Campus Safety at 312-341-2020 or 847-619-8989 for Schaumburg.

  6. ID Card Found by a Non-Owner

    ID cards found by a non-owner should be returned to Campus Safety personnel as soon as possible. Campus Safety forwards found ID cards to the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Human Resources on a regular basis.  University staff sends an email to the ID card owner’s Roosevelt University e-mail account with notification that the ID card was found and should be claimed as soon as possible.

  7. Re-activating a Found ID Card

    A missing ID card that has been placed on “lost” status by the owner can be re-activated by the owner if a replacement ID card has not already been printed. To re-activate an ID card that has been found when a replacement ID card has not yet been printed, the owner must come to Campus Safety during normal office hours.

  8. Replacing a Missing or Damaged ID Card

    If the most recently issued ID card becomes unusable due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced at no charge. If for any other reason an ID card needs to be replaced, there is a $25.00 non-refundable ID card replacement fee, payable by credit card or check. Students also have the option of charging the fee to their student account in the Office of the Bursar.

    A replacement ID card may be obtained by students from the Office of the Registrar during normal office hours (Monday through Friday) and by employees from the Office of Human Resources. The process of having a new ID card printed permanently deactivates the most recently issued card. University staff will dispose of any invalid ID cards.