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Security Report

Roosevelt University publishes a security report annually to inform its community of security policy and procedures and crime statistics, in compliance with the "Student-Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990". The report is accessible on the Roosevelt campus safety page.

Law Enforcement Authority

Roosevelt University has 17 uniformed officers and four Campus Safety supervisors. Campus Safety personnel do not have law enforcement authority and do not carry firearms. They have completed the security training required by the Illinois Private Security Act of 1983. For law enforcement actions at all locations, the University relies upon the local police. The University has excellent working relationships with the Chicago and Schaumburg Police Departments. University policy requires that all crimes be reported to the local police.

Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs

Emergency procedures are published annually in this handbook. The Office of Campus Safety coordinates crime prevention presentations by local police agencies. The residence life staffs in the residence halls are educated in security procedures and awareness. Professional counselors provide training and programs in several areas, including rape awareness and drug and alcohol abuse, for the residence life staff as well as other members of the University community.

The most common security incident is the loss of personal items left unattended. Students and employees are reminded to protect their personal property by signs posted in places such as the library and by periodic publications. Special alerts will be distributed to inform the University community of a major crime or crime potential if circumstances warrant.

Any student wanting information on the "Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act" should contact the Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety and Transportation at (312) 341-3774.

Programs to Prevent Sex Offenses

For information on programs to prevent sex offenses, contact the Counseling Center at the Chicago Campus, (312) 341-3548. The University requires that all crimes, including sex offenses, be reported to the local police.


Campus crime statistics are published annually in accordance with the "Student-Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990." This report can be found on the Roosevelt campus safety page.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Assistant Vice President for Campus Safety and Transportation at (312) 341-3774.


Information regarding the persistence rate of full-time freshmen is available from the Office of Institutional Research, Auditorium Building, Room 1153, (312) 341-4171.