Roosevelt University strives to create a positive work environment that values employees as individuals, meets their needs and respects their rights. University and Auditorium Theatre employees are expected to meet their responsibilities to be productive contributors to the mission of the University and Theatre, support the areas in which they work, and conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational institution and arts organization.

The Roosevelt University Professional Code of Conduct does not constitute a contract, and nothing contained in this document is an enforceable promise of any kind. Rather, this document is intended solely for informational purposes and may be revised by the University at any time, for any reason, without prior notice.

The standard office hours for the University vary with each department. Generally, offices are open to service students beginning at 8:00 am and extending to 6:00 pm. Your particular work hours are determined by your manager and may be extended due to the needs of your office and your position.

You are expected to be at your place of work at the time set by your manager, if not earlier. You are expected to keep absences, planned or otherwise to a minimum, so as to not adversely affect the work of your department. Excessive absences may result in termination of employment.

You are to comply with the required call-in procedures of your office in the event of an unplanned absence. Unless it is physically impossible, if you do not report for work or notify your supervisor for three (3) consecutive work-days, you will be considered as having resigned your position and will not be eligible for re-hire by the University.

All technology, including phones, computers, printer, multi-functional devices, and network systems, are reserved for University-related work. Non University-related use of University equipment must be kept to a minimum, should never interfere with University business, and should be done with the prior knowledge and agreement of your supervisor.

You should dress neatly and appropriately to the academic and professional nature of the University and in accordance with the stated dress code of your department.

Safety rules have been established for the protection of all employees, faculty, students and visitors. You should report immediately any accident or injury sustained on the job to your supervisor and campus safety.

The best working conditions exist where all employees conduct themselves with respect and consideration for themselves, their fellow employees and the University. However, some conduct may be so egregious as to warrant immediate discharge from the University.

Committing any one of the following acts normally will result in immediate termination for the first offense:

  1. Stealing, fraud, or embezzlement from the employees, students, visitors or guests of the University or Auditorium Theatre
  2. Bringing firearms or other deadly weapons into the University or Auditorium Theatre
  3. Assaulting, fighting, striking, or abusive, humiliating, bullying, or threatening conduct toward employees, students, visitors, or guests
  4. Harassment (including sexual harassment) or discrimination against any employee, student, or visitor, or guest or any other form of prohibited discrimination, including creating or contributing to a hostile or unpleasant work environment
  5. Intentionally, or through gross negligence, damaging or destroying University or Auditorium Theatre property or property belonging to employees, students, visitors or guests
  6. Creating a safety, health or fire hazard, intentionally or through gross negligence, injurious to the well-being of the University and Auditorium Theatre community members including ts visitors and guests
  7. Intentionally falsifying, including forging a signature or approval, on records including but not limited to student records, employment applications or absence records, timesheets or other payroll documents, University or Auditorium Theatre business documents or communications, or filing false claims under any benefit plan, such as health insurance or worker’s compensation, etc.
  8. Buying, selling, dealing, giving/serving, possessing or taking illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages on the University premises. Drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages while on the premises is prohibited unless authorized at a University-sponsored function.
  9. Dishonesty including but not limited to providing inaccurate, misleading, or omitting information in a University or Auditorium Theatre investigation or giving false reasons for obtaining a leave of absence
  10. Engaging in any illegal, criminal, or felonious activity during working hours on University or Auditorium Theatre premises
  11. Gross dereliction of duties
  12. Unauthorized, improper, or illegal use of systems, data or equipment
  13. Improper disclosure or use of private or confidential information
  14. Receiving a felony conviction
  15. Job abandonment
  16. Smoking in University or Auditorium Theatre facilities
  17. Refusing to cooperate in a formal University or Auditorium Theatre investigation
  18. Violating federal or state regulations that govern the University and the Auditorium Theatre
  19. Any other conduct that is deemed seriously detrimental to the University

This Code of Conduct document is subject to University policies including the following:

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy [Link to Equal Employment Opportunity item]
  2. Smoke Free Environment Policy [Link to Smoke Free Environment Policy new item]
  3. Sexual Harassment Policy [Link to Sexual Harassment Policy new item]
  4. Sexual Assault Policy [Link to Sexual Assault Policy item]
  5. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy [Link to Drug & Alcohol-Free Policy Statement item]
  6. Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy[Link to Drug & Alcohol Testing item]
  7. Medical Emergency Policy [Link to Sexual Harassment Policy new item]
  8. Computer Usage Policy [Link to ITS Acceptable Usage Policy item)
  9. Workplace Threats and Violence Policy [Link to Workplace Threats and Violence Policy new item]
  10. Criminal Backgrounds Checks Policy [Link to Criminal Backgrounds Checks Policy new item)

Questions concerning the policy may be directed to Office of Human Resources, Auditorium building 344 at (312) 341-4334.

Rev 9/2016