Current clerical union members wanting to apply for higher grade positions and external applicants for clerical positions must first demonstrate ability through a series of online assessments.

Testing for external finalist applicants to clerical positions will be scheduled testing as part of the hiring process.

Current clerical employees are encouraged to complete testing in the event a new position opens or a position is upgraded. Current clerical employees may utilize their break and/or meal periods to complete testing. Appointments are made through Human Resources. Internal candidates will not be considered eligible for higher grade positions or for position upgrades until they have successfully demonstrated their ability.

Assessments are issued one at a time in the following order:

Clerk Secretary
Excel Outlook
Data Entry Excel
Word Word
Outlook Typing Test

Minimal levels of ability:

Clerk Percentage of correct answers
in Word, Excel, Outlook
Data Entry
Grade IV 70% 7,000
Grade V 75% 8,000
Grade VI 80% 9,000
Grade VII 85% 10,000
Secretary Percentage of correct answers
in Word, Excel, Outlook
Typing Test
Grade V 75% 45 wpm
Grade VI 80% 50 wpm
Grade VII 85% 55 wpm

Candidates must successfully complete one assessment before being issued another. A Human Resources staff member may require individuals to complete online tutorials prior to retesting or moving forward with additional assessments.

Current clerical union members have 30 calendar days in which to complete one full level of assessments.

Questions concerning this policy may be directed to Office of Human Resources, Auditorium building 344 at (312) 341-4334.

Rev 9/2016