The University supports professional affiliations which require the creation of a University database (Banner) record to facilitate the relationship. These are individuals who will not be paid as an employee or a vendor. Examples of Non-compensated employees include American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows, visiting faculty scholars and affiliated faculty and VISTA volunteers.

In order to create a Banner record (and the resulting Roosevelt email address) for an individual affiliated with the University, the following information must be created, printed, signed and sent to Human Resources. Due to the confidential information required to create the record, this information must be sent via intercampus mail and submitted as a complete packet.

  • A copy of the executed contract or approved program description that details the relationship of these individuals to Roosevelt
  • A brief description of why you are requesting a Banner non-compensated employee record (can be included in the comments section of the PAF)
  • A completed and signed PAF for each individual
    • The PAF must have start and end dates for the affiliation.
    • If the affiliated individual has a previously assigned RU ID number (former or current student/employee/vendor), it should be included on the PAF.
    • The divisional vice president or college dean must sign each PAF.
    • The PAF does not need Employee Class or Position Funding.
    • A sheet with personal information for each individual which must include (RU ID number not previously assigned):
      • Legal last name
      • Legal first name
      • Preferred first name (if preferred name is provided, it will be used for network ID and email address.)
      • Ex. Legal name: Elizabeth Smith
      • No preferred name:
      • Preferred name is Beth:
      • Legal (U.S.) address
      • Phone (type: home or cell)
      • Personal email address
      • Date of birth
      • Gender

Concurrently with the above packet being submitted and processed by Human Resources, the hiring department must:

If an appropriate business need for a non-compensated employee record is demonstrated resulting in the approval of the request, the record will be created in a reasonable time frame and e-mail notice sent to the PAF originator with the new Roosevelt ID number.

The department head is responsible the sponsorship of non-employees affiliated with the University which includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the individual adheres to all University policies, practices and procedures and reflects the core values when representing the University or working with all members of the University community.
  • Ensuring appropriate liability insurance coverage through Hilda Mabon in the Office of Finance. These individuals are not covered by the University’s workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Requesting, approving and monitoring all security roles, technology requests and access (both physical and technological).
  • Assigning and retrieving all University equipment and property shared with the individual for use in the affiliated role only.
  • Authorizing (if appropriate and necessary) a University ID card and collecting it at the end of the affiliation.
  • Submitting a timely termination PAF if the affiliation ends prior to the date noted on the original “hiring” PAF.

Questions concerning the policy may be directed to Office of Human Resources, Auditorium building 344 at (312) 341-4334 or e- mail

Rev 9/2016