On your last day of employment, you will have an exit interview in the Office of Human Resources. At this interview you will be provided with information regarding your rights to continue your health insurance coverage. Your final paycheck, which will include any vacation pay to which you are entitled, will be provided to you by no later than the next regularly scheduled pay date.

If you or any members of your family are currently enrolled in any courses for which you have received an employee tuition remission, you will be billed, on a pro-rata basis at the time of your termination. If you (or they) do not intend to continue classes after your termination, be sure you (or they) officially drop them. You should check, however, on the academic consequences of doing so.

You must also return your University I.D. card, keys, and any other property of the University in your possession at or before this interview.

Questions and referrals concerning the policy as it applies to faculty and staff may be directed to Office of Human Resources, Auditorium building 344 at (312) 341-4334.

Rev 9/2016