If you intend to leave the University’s or Auditorium Theatre’s employment, this policy defines standards and procedures to allow you to conclude your employment in a collaborative and professional manner with your colleagues and the institution.

Written Notice

Your written notice of resignation should be dated, addressed, and submitted to the supervisor, manager, or department chair with a copy to Human Resources at the beginning of the notice period. This can be initially sent via e-mail followed by a hard copy letter that is dated and signed sent to Human Resources within one day of the e-mail notice.

Notice Period

You are expected to give a notice period to assist in the transition of your work and responsibilities to your colleagues.

  • Though all administrative appointments are at-will, administrators are asked to provide at least four weeks' notice period of voluntary resignation.
  • Clerical, operations and all other staff are asked to provide at least a two weeks’ notice period of voluntary resignation.
  • Faculty under 9 or 12 months contracts are asked to give as much notice as possible as is the standard throughout higher education.

The notice period should not include holidays in which the University or Auditorium Theatre is closed.

If you choose to provide no or a short notice period or failing to meet faculty contractual obligations prior to a contract end date may disqualify you from future employment opportunities at the University and/or the Auditorium Theatre.

Time-off During the Notice Period

Paid time off (including but not limited to vacation, annual leave, personal days, and sick days) should not be requested or taken during the notice period. Time off approved prior to the resignation period should be rescinded and earned/unused vacation will be paid out on your final paycheck as required by law. The University and Auditorium Theatre reserves the right to applied earned and unused paid time off to unscheduled and/or unapproved time off during the notice period.

Clerical employees who give a minimum of two weeks' notice will be paid out all earned and unused annual leave. If an employee fails to give two weeks' written notice but does give a minimum of one week written notice, the employee will have one week of earned annual leave deducted from the annual leave paid out per the collective bargaining agreement (Article VII, section 7B).

Separation Date

Your separation date is determined by your employment classification.

  • For administrative, clerical and operations employees, the separation date is the final day that you actually work.
  • For faculty on academic year (9-monthh) contracts, the separation date is the date your annual contract ends, generally August 14, if you meet your full academic year faculty obligations. If you resign during the academic year, your separation date is the last day that you work.
  • For faculty on 12-month contracts, the separation date is the last day that you actually work.
  • You may not use earned and unused paid-time off to extend your separation date.
  • The separation date cannot be one of the scheduled University holidays unless you are required to work on campus when the University is closed or Auditorium Theatre is open on a scheduled holiday.

Exit Process

Upon receipt of your letter of resignation in the Office of Human Resources, a separation notice will be sent to you giving you details about an exit meeting no later than your last day of employment. At the exit meeting, you will need to return to the organization property (such as keys, ID card, laptop etc.) and be given information including the date of your final pay check, benefits (such as COBRA continuation for insurance plans) and other important notices. Specific questions about the separation process can be directed to the Office of Human Resources at hr@roosevelt.edu or 312-341-4334.

Voluntary-No call/no show

You are expected to notify your department in accordance with procedures for absences in the event that you cannot be at work as scheduled. If you fail to call or report to work, it is considered a no call/no show. Any one incident of failure to call/show may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Three (3) consecutive scheduled days of failure to be at work as scheduled and failure to notify the department will be considered a voluntary separation of employment.

Your separation date will be recorded as the third work day of the no call/no show and you will not be eligible for rehire. The exit process will be managed remotely by a Human Resources staff member.


On rare occasions, the University or Auditorium Theatre may find it necessary to terminate employment. In these instances, as much advance notice as possible will be provided. Where advance notice is not possible, severance pay may be provided in lieu of notice, if the termination is not for cause or gross misconduct on the part of the employee. As with voluntary separation, earned and unused vacation will be paid out to you as required by law.