Nora Koci
Nora Koci
"Nora was a great student who benefited from our program's emphasis on law, investigation, fraud prevention and financial transactions, which are the focus of the Certified Fraud Exam." Rifat Gorener Associate Professor of Finance and Accounting

Nora Koci, a recent graduate of Roosevelt's Master’s in Accounting Forensics program, chose to take the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) 90-Day CFE Exam Challenge, passing all four parts in eight weeks' time in late 2018.

The effort paved the way for Koci to become a Certified Fraud Examiner before she graduated from Roosevelt in May 2019.

It also led the ACFE to spotlight the 28-year old’s success story as news on the ACFE web site.

Koci credits her success to Roosevelt's Master's in Accounting Forensics program.

Offering personalized attention and an innovative curriculum, the program that is unique to Chicagoland helps students develop the strong analytical and deductive skills needed to succeed in the growing field of accounting forensics.

In addition, the Roosevelt program also enhances students' chances for success in passing the Certified Fraud Exam, which gives one a designation as a Certified Fraud Examiner capable of rooting out fraud and corruption in both the private and public sectors.

"Nora was a great student who benefited from our program's emphasis on law, investigation, fraud prevention and financial transactions, which are the focus of the Certified Fraud Exam," said Rifat Gorener, Roosevelt’s associate professor of finance and accounting and chair of the Master's in Accounting Forensics program.

Koci worked full time as an internal auditor with Ryan Specialty Group in Chicago and took care of her grandparents while she was a graduate student in Roosevelt’s online Accounting Forensics program.

“It was pretty difficult. I really had to force myself to focus, but I kept telling myself ‘Just get it done,’” said Koci.

“It’s not mandatory for our students to take this designation before they graduate, but many go ahead with it and usually finish in about a year’s time,” said Gorener.

“Nora was one of the first of my students to complete the exam so quickly and successfully. She is a testament to our program and its success in preparing students for what is a very demanding exam,” he added.

As a result of her success, Koci has enhanced her resume with the Certified Fraud Examiner designation as she looks for jobs in the field.

“Roosevelt is the only college that offered this kind of opportunity, and it is paying off,” she said, “I'm getting a lot of calls for job interviews since I've been able to add my certification as a fraud examiner to my resume."

With her certification and prospects for a lucrative career on the rise, the new Roosevelt graduate now is setting her sights on one day becoming an FBI special agent.“There is a lot of white collar crime out there, and I would like to be involved in discovering and fighting it,” she said.

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