Jim Radous speaking at a business seminar
“This is an important initiative in our growing emphasis on experiential education, and we will benefit tremendously from the insights that these executives will bring to our students and our program." Asghar Sabbaghi Dean of the College of Business

As part of the Walter E. Heller College of Business’ (HCB) growing experiential education initiatives, Roosevelt University hosted alumnus James J. Radous III, president of UniCarriers Americas, for a day-long Executive-in-Residence program on March 28.

The day began with a welcome and breakfast meeting with the College of Business Dean Development team, followed by a “Leadership Learning Process” presentation by Radous, in which he detailed his career path and offered his business and leadership experiences. The presentation was attended by faculty, invited students, graduate assistants and guests of other colleges.

“Back when I was in school, these sorts of opportunities weren’t as readily available as they are today,” Radous said. “I think if people see someone with my experience doing what I do, the changes I’ve made throughout my career and how you can become your own person, I think it’s really important. I’m excited for this opportunity.”

Radous earned his MBA in marketing from Roosevelt in 1989 and has since remained active with the University, mentoring students and providing several internships at UniCarriers. In 2017, Radous was also invited to join the College of Business Advisory Board.

“This is an important initiative in our growing emphasis on experiential education, and we will benefit tremendously from the insights that these executives will bring to our students and our program,” said Asghar Sabbaghi, dean of the College of Business. “The power of our University’s education, culture and values are really brought home profoundly when alumni share their success stories with us and our students.”

Radous’ Executive-in-Residence agenda consisted of a number of class visits throughout the college, including Principles of Auditing, Survey of International Business, Information Resource Management and Finance for Decision Maker. He also joined a presentation on Bloomberg terminals and addressed the Delta Mu Honor Society.

Among the insights Radous shared throughout the day were 12 tips for achieving personal and professional success, which included treating every interaction as an interview, taking risks but “minding the guardrail,” and maintaining a personal brand of integrity and social responsibility.

“‘Reliability redefined’ is a motto I stress to my employees all the time, that they are an extension of the brand,” Radous said. “[Roosevelt] students, how they conduct themselves and the causes they care about, that all indirectly relates back to the University’s mission.”

Radous credited his Roosevelt MBA for playing a significant role in his personal and professional development, and showed appreciation for Roosevelt’s willingness to leverage its alumni like him to make a difference for future generations of students.

“Roosevelt helped my leadership skills by providing me confidence in areas in which I didn’t have much experience,” Radous said. “The University gave me an opportunity to work with faculty, who were business leaders, that brought in real-world examples that coincidentally matched my business expertise in product management at the time. That’s something that has continued to this day.”

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