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Roosevelt University Social Justice Blog

by Professor Steven Meyers

When people ask him what makes an education at Roosevelt University distinctive, Prof. Steven Meyers explains that we are more ambitious than many colleges because of our social justice mission.

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photo of President Ali and students working in garden

Roosevelt University recognizes our responsibility to the environment.  Despite President Trump’s withdrawal last week of the U.S. from the Paris Agreements, we reaffirm our commitment to national and global cooperation for a sustainable future.  Today I joined nearly 200 presidents of colleges and universities – and over a thousand more political and business leaders – in the endorsement of continued climate action and the effort to reduce carbon emissions, despite the absence of leadership from Washington.

from left: Dana Brown, Jazzy Celindro, Matt Schulte

A new online journal project highlighting best essays by Roosevelt University undergraduates for 2017 features the work of two sociology students and a music major.