Distinguishing Normal from Abnormal Psychology

Steven Meyers, Professor of Psychology

How do you know if you have a psychological disorder? How do psychologists know? In this interactive class session, learn about how psychologists tell the difference between normal and abnormal behavior, and understand some of the reasons why psychological disorders develop.

Issues in Biomedical Sciences in the 21st Century

Cornelius Watson, Associate Professor of Biology

There are many unresolved issues in the biomedical sciences, including disease mechanisms, antibiotic resistance, vaccine development and others. Some of these challenges will be examined in this session, as well as the approaches scientists are taking to address them.

A Career in Education: Passion, Persistence and Purpose

Elizabeth Meadows, Associate Professor of Elementary Education and Reading

Shape a better, brighter future for generations of students with a career in education. Roosevelt's College of Education is firmly planted in the traditions of social justice and responsibility, creating enriching pathways for graduates to become teachers, counselors and educational leaders. Hear first-hand experiences from faculty, student and alumni panelists.

Can Technology Help You Pick Winners in the Stock Market?

Henry Silverman, Professor of Finance

When considering an investment in the stock market, there are thousands of companies to choose from. This session will introduce you to state-of-the-art technology used by professional investors to select stocks they hope will be the next Microsoft or Apple.

'iPhone-ography’ and the Democratic Camera

Mike Ensdorf, Professor of Photography

Everyone is a photographer and camera phones are everywhere. This session will explore the creative and professional implications of using the iPhone as an artistic and journalistic tool.

Encryption, the Dark Web and Personal Privacy: Hollywood, Hyperbole, and Some Reality About the Internet

Eric Berkowitz, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Intrigued by the inner workings of the web? We'll break down encryption, the dark web and personal privacy, and how the average internet user can use them as tools online. Most importantly, we'll cover how a user is perceived on the internet by those who relay, monitor, manage and analyze billions of communications across the globe. We'll also compare how the internet is depicted in popular entertainment to reality.

A Career in Education: Teaching for Social Justice

Elizabeth Meadows, Associate Professor of Elementary Education and Reading

Connect, share, and learn how education is developed as a tool for equity and social justice. The faculty-led session will explore the relationship between education and society while also providing the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from students and alumni panelists.

The Heller College of Business: Be Prepared to Succeed

Asghar Sabbaghi, Dean of the Heller College of Business

In the Heller College of Business, our students think critically and drive innovation. They are socially conscious leaders with big ideas and the passion to follow through. Our curriculum prepares students to make an immediate impact in the workplace after graduation, and stresses business practices that improve the community. Explore career pathways in business and college successes through the stories of current students and recent alumni.