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Employee Performance Management

We recognize that all members of the faculty and administrative community (community) are essential to the institution’s overall success. This success is achieved by fostering a work environment in which the members of the community are empowered to perform to the best of their abilities and beyond.

We do not view performance management as simply a once-a-year evaluation process.  Roosevelt University Employee Performance Management empowers the community through continuous and positive collaboration throughout the year. By staying connected all year round, adjustments to work performance occur as needed with assessment and support provided as each member of the community strives to meet established goals and objectives.

The initial launch of the Roosevelt University Performance Management process provides the basics to get you started.  Enhancements will continue to occur to the process throughout the year.

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Diversity and Inclusivity

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What you as a member of the community can expect from Roosevelt University Employee Performance Management is a process that:

  • Promotes accountability in performance assessment
  • Operates with consistency, equity, and transparency
  • Offers regular, timely, and constructive feedback
  • Identifies your potential and establishes priorities
  • Recognizes successes and achievements
  • Provides the tools needed to succeed which include a comprehensive Talent Management System and resources designed to assist with the overall process 

Enlightenment and Awareness

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Integrity and Civility

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Adaptability and Transformation

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Knowledge and Wisdom

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