GreenPrint is a pay-for-print system available in the student computing labs and libraries (locations listed below).

GreenPrint payment software was upgraded in Summer 2016. Payments can be made by coin (nickels, dimes, quarters or dollars), cash ($1 and $5 bills), debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), and via mobile pay (Apple Pay and Google Wallet).

You can print to a GreenPrint kiosk from a computer at the locations listed below or by using Web Print to upload a document from your personal computer.

Associate your Student ID card with GreenPrint

When you visit a kiosk to print a document, you are prompted to login using your NetID credentials. You can skip this process and use your Student ID card to login at a kiosk.


Go to a kiosk and tap your card on the reader above the screen. The first time you do so, you’ll be prompted to enter your NetID credentials. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a confirmation that the card has been associated. Tap your card again and you'll be prompted to create a PIN. Use any 4-digit number to set a PIN. The PIN is necessary to prevent lost or stolen ID cards from being used.


Once you’ve created a PIN, you’re done. The next time you visit a station just tap your card to login and then enter your PIN.


If you forget your PIN or you would just like to change it, login to your GreenPrint account online at https://greenprint.roosevelt.edu and click the Change Details link to set a new PIN.


Note: The print system does not store any information on your card. It is reading the serial number (not the student ID number) of the card and associating it with your NetID. If you lose your ID card and receive a new one you’ll have to re-associate that card with your NetID credentials.

How to print from a lab/library computer

With your document open, click File | Print. Choose either the BW (monochrome) or Color option. Make additional choices for format (single-side or duplex). Then click Print. You’ll be prompted to enter your NetID and Password. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a confirmation screen with details of the print job, including cost. You can have more than one document pending for printing at the same time.

Once you’ve sent a job to the GreenPrint system, it will stay there for 4 hours. If you do not complete printing after 4 hours, the job will be automatically removed from the queue and you’ll have to reprint the job. You will not be charged for jobs that are not printed.

When you are ready to print, go to the kiosk to complete the printing. Login with your NetID credentials. If you associate your Student ID card with the system, you can skip the login at the kiosk. Once logged in, select the job you want to print and follow the instructions to pay for the job. Once payment is complete the job will print.

How to print from your personal computer

If you are not in a Roosevelt lab or library that has a GreenPrint kiosk, you can still upload a document for printing.

  1. Go to greenprint.roosevelt.edu
  2. Login with your NetID and Password
  3. Click Web Print
  4. Click Submit a Job
  5. Choose a location (AUD/WB, SCH)
  6. Click Upload a Document and browse for the file you wish to print.
  7. Confirm the selection.

Once complete, you can go to any kiosk at the selected location to release your job. See below for kiosk locations.

GreenPrint locations

Chicago (Wabash)

  • Wabash 2nd Floor cafeteria
  • Wabash 14th Floor Residence Hall
  • WB 1500L Open Lab
  • WB 311 Open Lab

CHICAGO (Auditorium)

  • AUD 280 Classroom
  • *AUD Library 1009, 1034, 1111


  • *SCH 140 Library (2 stations)
  • SCH Licht Student Center
  • SCH Hallway outside of Room 600

*Color printer available

How do I get it?

Everyone with a NetID is eligible to use the GreenPrint system. If you do not have a NetID, you have the option to register in the system as a guest.


  • BW single-side printing: 10 cents per page
  • BW duplex printing: 7.5 cents per page
  • Color printing, where available: 25 cents per page

Duplex printing cost is charged per page. Any page in a duplex job that does not have print on both sides will be charged the single-side rate. For example, the cost for a 3-page document would be 25 cents (7.5 cents each for the first two pages, 10 cents for the remaining page). The cost is set like this to remove the need to use pennies at the kiosks.


If the printer is not functioning properly the kiosk will not process the print job and you will not be charged. Occasionally however, your job may fail after you have paid (possible problems include printer jams or insufficient toner). In these cases, you can submit a request for a refund by calling the Help Desk, at (312) 341-4357. Refunds take the form of credit added to your account. Refunds are not provided for issues controlled by the user, such as blank pages at the end of documents. No cash refunds and credits to your debit/credit cards are available.

For questions on the content of this page, please contact: Wamiq Ansari (wansari@roosevelt.edu).