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Current Students: Scholarships, Fellowships and Graduate Assistantships

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Fellowships & Scholarships

There are many sources of funding designed to support students' research, graduate school experiences, and travel. Roosevelt University faculty and staff will provide guidance to support your application to competitive awards. We recommend that you start preparing for your application at least one year before you intend to submit your materials.

Name Of Scholarship/Fellowship Deadline Details Eligibility Intended Majors for Graduate Study
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship January-February Focused on professional goals, creative thinking, future research and forming professional connections Sophomores or juniors with eligible major — check website for application process Mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Multiple dates Encourages students to study abroad to a place of their choosing while demonstrating high financial need U.S. citizens, undergraduate pell grant recipients All majors
Boren Awards January-February Students learn about foreign cultures, understand how to strengthen U.S. economic competition and enhance international cooperation and security. U.S. citizens in graduate school or University, plan an international study Foreign policy
Fulbright US Student Program October Provides opportunity for a year's study and research in any of 100 countries U.S. citizens with bachelor's degree by beginning of grant period; language requirements differ by project and country All majors
Gates Cambridge Scholarship October Aims to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others — opportunity to pursue full-time post-graduate degree Seniors or grad students All majors
Gem Fellowships for Minorities in Engineering and Science November Recruitment, retention and professional development at the graduate level for engineering and science majors U.S. citizens/permanent residents, required major, underrepresented minority group membership Engineering, physical science or natural science
Marshall Scholarship Early October Allows study of any subject at nearly 100 institutions of higher education in the U.K. Seniors and recent grads (up to 2 years post-graduation) All majors
Rhodes Scholarship July Focused on extraordinary academics, integrity of character, respect for others, and leadership Seniors or recent graduates up to age 24, GPA 3.8 (roughly) All majors
Soros Fellowship For New Americans November Grants for 2 years of graduate study — demonstrate significance of graduate education to long-term goals and potential to enhance society Be a New American, under 30 years of age, bachelor's degree or final year of undergraduate Any professional field or scholarly discipline in the arts
The Autry Fellowship January Opportunity to enhance understanding of social change and promote equity in the south: 1 year full-time, paid staff member U.S. citizens with leadership, communication and writing skills, final year of undergraduate or recently graduated, prior work/study in similar area Social justice
Truman Scholarship January-February Juniors pursuing a bachelor's degree and planning to attend graduate school for careers in the public sector U.S. citizens, college juniors at time of selection Public service
Udall Undergraduate Scholarships March-April Non-profit organization committed to studies in the environment; Consideration given to student's field of study, ability to contribute in field and goals Sophomores or juniors in environmental studies, or Native Americans/Alaskan native students in health care/tribal policy Environmental studies, health care, tribal policy

For information about Chicago College of Performing Arts scholarships, contact Michale Holmes at

Graduate Assistantships

Roosevelt University's Graduate Assistantship program presents its students with unique learning opportunities within academic and professional settings, while providing financial and tuition assistance for its participants. More than 60 incoming and returning students participate in this program annually.

Assistantships include work within a variety of the University's academic and administrative areas. Previous appointments include research assistants, lab assistants, tutors, academic advisers, and enrollment management/student service assistants.

To enhance the services Roosevelt University offers its students, RU is updating its process for posting and applying for graduate assistantship positions. An announcement will be sent to all admitted and continuing graduate students when the process has been finalized and application for 2017-2018 GAships is available. We will finish updates in early 2017, and we thank you for your patience while we are making these improvements.