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Current Students: Drop for Non-Payment Procedure

Important: Fall 2017 Drop for Non-Payment is August 15th
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Students will be dropped from ALL classes on August 15th if there is an outstanding balance. Payments can be made online via RU ACCESS or in person at the Cashiers office.  (No later than 2:00pm the Friday before the drop deadline.)

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their schedule is correct prior to the start of the semester. Furthermore, the student is responsible for dropping any classes they do not wish to attend or do not have the ability to pay. Even if you stop attending the class(es), you will owe the fees and will receive a grade in accordance with the official Roosevelt University drop procedure deadlines. Please visit for additional information.

Drop for Non-Payment Procedures

  • Students must clear ALL prior debts and holds before being eligible to register. All classes will be dropped for students who have not paid their enrollment fees by 5 p.m. on the Friday before each published drop date.
  • Students will receive a notification via their Roosevelt email prior to each Drop Date if they have a debt and are in jeopardy of being dropped.

It is always the student's responsibility to drop class(es) if not attending. Even if you stop attending the class, you owe the fees and will receive a grade unless you drop the class by the drop deadline date.

Exempt Students

  • VA students whose tuition and fees are covered entirely by the Department of  Veterans Affairs
  • Students who participate in Roosevelt’s ROOSTR program where the employer pays at least 75% of the tuition and fees
  • Third party payment recipients who have turned in the necessary paperwork to our third party processor
  • Athletes and international students will be excluded from the August 15th drop
Drop for Non-Payment FAQ

What is “Drop for Non-Payment”?

Drop for Non-Payment means that the student will be dropped from all registered classes for the indicated term. Students will not be allowed to attend class and will not be allowed to register until their student account is paid in full.

Is it possible that my classes are dropped even after I made a late payment?

Yes. The drop process is complex involving numerous systems and takes time to update and run.  The only way to ensure that your classes are 100% secure is to make your payment by the published payment due date.  Communicating a late payment with the school may not avoid being dropped but will keep the school informed.

  • Fall tuition is due by July 31st
  • Spring tuition is due by December 15th
  • Summer tuition is due by April 15th

Who is subject to Drop for Non-Payment?

Any student, unless exempt, who has an unpaid past due balance regardless of term.

Why does the University Drop for Non-Payment?

The procedure  benefits the general student population by making more seats available to paying students. In addition, it keeps students from having their credit ratings negatively impacted by lack of tuition and fee payments. The practice also helps the University to minimize costs by reducing uncollectible debt and associated administrative expenses.

When will Drop for Non-Payment occur?

The Drop for Non-Payment dates are published on Roosevelt University’s website under the Important Dates. Please visit for more information.

How will I know if my registration has been Dropped for Non-payment?

The university will send an email to the student’s Roosevelt email account letting the student  know that their  classes have been dropped.  Additionally, the student  may log into RUACCESS and view their account.

If a student is waitlisted for classes and is Dropped for Non-Payment will the student be removed from the waitlist?

No. However, if the student does not reregister, the waitlisted class will be made available to another student.

Will I be notified before my classes are dropped for non-payment?

Yes. You will be sent an email to your Roosevelt email account approximately a week before your classes will be dropped for non-payment.

How can I avoid Drop for Non-Payment?

  • Pay your student account balance on or before the payment due date for each term. You may pay electronically via RU ACCESS, ACH and all major credit cards are accepted.   Please note that a 2.75% convenience fee will apply for all credit card payments. Credit card payments can only be made on-line.  Alternatively, a check or money order may be mailed to Roosevelt University, 430 S Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60605. Please make sure to include the Roosevelt student identification number on the check or money order to ensure proper credit to the account. Electronic payments are applied to the student’s account in real-time and are the preferred method to ensure immediate processing.  Mailed payments can take 7 to 10 days for mail and processing.
  • Verify your financial aid file is complete and make sure there is sufficient aid to cover your balance. You can verify outstanding financial aid requirements via RUACCESS. If you want Federal Aid to cover fees other than instructional, general, lab, and University contracted room and board you must provide Federal Title IV consent, otherwise you will need to pay these fees separately.  

If my classes were Dropped for Non-Payment how can I get them back?

Students whose classes are dropped for non-payment will first need to clear all financial holds on their account by paying their balance in full. Once payment is received the student will be able to register for any available courses. The student is not guaranteed to get the same courses they were registered for prior to being dropped as registration is dependent upon class availability. Students can pay their balance on-line but will need to visit the Registrar to get reinstated.

Who can I contact regarding questions about financial aid, billing, payment and registration to help avoid my registration being Drop for Non-Payment?

  • You may contact the Office of Financial Aid at 1 – 866- 421-0935 for questions regarding your financial aid.
  • You may contact the Registrar’s Office for questions regarding registration 312-341-3536.

What if I’m going to receive a scholarship and don’t have my check yet?

All scholarship checks must be received by the payment due date.  Alternatively, you may contact Financial Aid to see if the scholarship can be temporarily placed on the Bursar.  Otherwise, a payment arrangement must be made for the balance or the balance must be paid in full to avoid being dropped for non-payment.

I can only pay for part of my classes. Are partial payments available?

Partial payments will not be available as the intent of the procedure  is to ensure that fees are “Paid in Full” by the payment due date.  The student may take advantage of Roosevelt’s official payment plan by visiting RU Access.