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Current Students: The Writing Center

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The Writing Center Mission

The Writing Center strives to build a writing community that empowers students with tools to become stronger, more confident writers. At the Writing Center, we believe that writing well is about more than mastering a set of rules; learning to write is a lifelong process, and all writers benefit from sharing their works-in-progress with interested, engaged, and knowledgeable readers. Our peer tutoring program provides students with feedback and individualized revision strategies for improving their writing – at any stage in the writing process.

For Students

Tutoring sessions involve a wide variety of tasks, but at the heart of every session is conversation—a conversation about your ideas and the best ways to make your ideas clear. A consultation with a Writing Center tutor is collaborative. We will not correct your mistakes or “fix” your paper. Instead, we will work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your writing with the goal of making each student who visits us a more confident writer in the following ways:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring at any stage in the writing process: understanding an assignment, developing ideas, revising a draft, or editing/proofreading.
  • Individually tailored revision strategies.
  • Opportunities for writers to identify error patterns and learn to correct their own mistakes.
  • In-class workshops on specific writing strategies/skills and other small group discussion about writing assignments.
  • Online tutoring for distance learners and students on the SCH campus.
  • Teaching, learning, and leadership opportunities as a member of the Writing Center staff.

Students can request a tutoring appointment.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great option for students at the Schaumburg campus, or students who work full time. Using the google platform, students can access a Writing Center tutor during our regular hours, or even during the evenings and weekends! Please keep the following in mind:

  • Please request an online tutoring session at least 48 hours in advance of your requested appointment date and time.
  • Sessions typically last 50 minutes (sample session). Tutors often have other appointments scheduled right after an online appointment, so they cannot give you additional time unless you request it in advance. When you make an appointment, ask for a 90-minute session if you think you will need extra time. If you have never done online tutoring before, we recommend that you request a 90-minute session.
  • Our tutors are not technology specialists; they are writing tutors. Please be patient with them if there is a problem with the technology. They will do their best to address the problem as efficiently as possible.
  • You will need to have a google account in order to participate in online tutoring via google hangouts.
Writing Center at the Library

In order to make our services accessible to as many students as possible, trained Writing Center tutors are available for walk-in appointments in the Murray-Green Library on the 10th floor of the Auditorium Building. Look for us at the north end of the study room, just past the reference desk.

Writing Center @ the Library offers a convenient stop for students who are working on research projects. Once you find your sources, you can check in with a Writing Center tutor and ask about summary and analysis, quote integration, correct citation style, and much more!

You can find us in the Library on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm. Tutors work with students on a first come, first served basis. Please contact the Writing Center for more information.

Become a Tutor!

Students who are interested in working at the Writing Center can enroll in a special experiential learning section of LIBS 201 called “Writing Social Justice: Writing Center Tutors,” which is offered every semester. In this practicum class, students are required to spend 3 hours per week working in the Writing Center. In class, students learn tutoring theories and strategies, and then put their new skills into practice immediately by tutoring their peers. While this is a valuable experience for education majors and other students with service-oriented career goals, most students tell us that their time in the Writing Center helped prepare them for real life work experiences, and students from all majors are welcome and encouraged to sign up. Contact the Writing Center Director for current scheduling information.

Services for Faculty

Embedded Tutoring:

The Writing Center offers faculty the option of hiring a Writing Center tutor to work directly with you to assist with the individual writing needs of the students in your class. There are three different options available to faculty members:

  • Select/hire a student who has been successful in your class in the past and has the specialized knowledge and disciplinary experience to help your students be successful. The Writing Center will hire and train this person in Writing Center theory and tutoring practices. Your embedded tutor will be paid to attend your class, meet with you, and consult with your students in one-on-one conferences.
  • Request that a staff tutor from the Writing Center be embedded in your class. This is a good option for Writing Faculty or 100-level classes in ACP and other disciplines.
  • Set up a “Faculty Folder” in the Writing Center. Just email your syllabus and writing assignments to, and we will take of the rest. When you encourage or require your students to visit the Writing Center, they should identify themselves as students in your class, and we will select the appropriate materials to tutor your students successfully!

Please contact the Writing Center director for more information on embedded tutoring options.

Online/Distance Courses:

Faculty in traditional face-to-face courses often bring their whole class to the Writing Center, or they invite tutors to attend their class meetings to facilitate peer review. Beginning in spring 2017, the Writing Center will be able to offer this service to faculty of fully online and hybrid courses. You will be able to select the option to add the Writing Center to your online class, which will allow Writing Center tutors to log into your Blackboard course and participate in peer review activities via discussion boards. Please contact the Writing Center director for more information.