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Current Students: Mentoring Programs

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Undergraduate Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program pairs current Roosevelt students with exemplary leaders in dynamic, challenging fields to help our students establish their futures. We prepare each student-mentee to take the next step to build their future, drive them to get the most out of their time at Roosevelt, and fuel their eagerness to develop as professionals and citizens.

Roosevelt Mentors Will

  • Prioritize the mentee's growth, goals, and empowerment
  • Coach their mentees to develop essential skills for professional and civic life
  • Initiate connections between their mentee and their colleagues in their field
  • Discuss resources, skills, and knowledge relevant to their professional and civic roles
  • Commit to roughly one to two hours per month

Roosevelt Mentees Will

  • Lead the relationship by asking questions, setting and sharing their goals, and reflecting on their experiences with their mentor.
  • Initiate the relationship by making the first contact, drive the conversation with questions and topics for discussion
  • Attend workshops and orientation sessions so that they are prepared for meaningful mentoring
  • Be eligible if they are currently enrolled at Roosevelt, have earned 30 credit hours, and studying in any college and any major
  • Commit to roughly five hours per month

Mentoring Partnerships Will Be

  • Custom-match each mentor and mentee pair based on alignment between individuals' skills, background, and goals
  • Free for all participants
  • Supported and facilitated by Roosevelt University staff members at every step
  • Flexible, and meetings can take place in any location or format that works for the mentor and mentee

Mentoring Program Cohort Structure, Requirements, Outcomes

  • Each mentee will have their own individual mentor
  • Each mentee will be included in a defined cohort group (~10 mentees)
  • Each cohort will be supported by Mentoring Program staff and assigned a Lead Mentee
  • Lead Mentees and program staff will collaborate to support mentees’ participation in the program, remind them about upcoming participation requirements and alert them to exciting, relevant opportunities on and off campus
  • Each mentee is required to:
    • meet monthly for workshops and Cohort Conversations
    • hold monthly conversations with their mentor (minimally)
    • complete a series of individual reflective assignments designed to support their engagement in the mentoring partnership
    • compose a cumulative Portfolio Project

Through participation in the Mentoring Program at Roosevelt University, mentees will:

  • Develop skills for critical reflection and problem-solving
  • Practice and improve effective, ethical communication in diverse settings
  • Begin to cultivate a robust network of relationships with people beyond the University
  • Build confidence and awareness of self-efficacy to support persistence and resilience

Applications for Summer and Fall 2017 cohorts are now being accepted. Students can complete the mentee application. Those interested in serving as mentors can apply through the mentor application.

Program Director Megan G. Bernard, PhD AUD 356 || || 312-341-3685

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentor Program is a student-centered program that provides one-on-one peer mentoring services to freshmen, transfer students, nontraditional students, students with disabilities, and any Roosevelt student seeking to learn and grow from the experience of working with a trained Roosevelt Peer Mentor. We aim to provide support that is fitted to the student in order to create an enjoyable RU experience.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • One-on-one weekly mentoring sessions
  • Events
  • Group outings
  • Workshops
  • Easy access to RU resources
  • Study Support
  • Organization strategies
  • Social Support
  • Test Preparation
  • Writing and proofreading assistance

For more information or to request a mentor, contact Danielle Smith, Assistant Director of Academic Success, at 312-341-3761.

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Heller College of Business Mentoring Program

The Heller College of Business supports our students through not only the academic setting but also through many different student services including: professional development workshops offered throughout the academic year, internship opportunities, college level career fairs, and our unique mentoring program in which students in small groups are paired with mentors that are executive level business members in fields that pertain to our students. The mentoring program is active during the Fall and Spring semesters, in which students are paired with mentors through the Assistant Dean of Students for the Heller College of Business. Students may choose to participate in one or multiple semesters for the duration of their educational programs.

No two mentor/mentee relationships or groups are alike. The mentoring program focuses on: developing and nurturing a mentor/mentee relationship; sharing professionals experiences; researching information; networking within business fields in the local Chicago area; working on goals and designing individual professional action plans; learning experiences outside of the classroom/workplace; evaluating outcomes. This program has been and will continue to be vey popular with our students. We average about 60 students per year in the program.

Please contact Erica Poremba, Assistant Dean of Students, Heller College of Business if you would like to join or are in need of more information in regards to the Mentoring Program.